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Cedella Marley: Let Go of Negativity

Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

If you tell yourself today that you are going to have a great day, you will. Let go of all negativity, drama and worry.

Allow your gratitude and enthusiasm to flow throughout the day and energize your life. Today is the day to change your path in a more meaningful direction. Focus on the best that is yet to come!

One love…Cedella



Cedella Marley: Let Go, Move Ahead

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv21Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

You have the ability to choose a positive purpose. Learn to let go, and move ahead with what you’ve chosen to pursue. Though there are plenty of things in life to worry about, but in the end, worry will get you nowhere.

Redirect your energy into intentional, positive purpose. Don’t let negative people choose your attitude. Choose your own positively purposeful attitude, and reward yourself with a rich and fulfilling life.

One love…Cedella


How To Let Go Of What Makes You Unhappy

via ThinkingHumanity, Thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

When something is wrong, try to make it right. That’s what they tell us, right? However, there are certain situations when you can’t fix a broken relationship.

What do you do then? The best decision is to end it. It’s really difficult, but it’s for your own good.

Most people find it extremely hard to let go of someone or something. That’s why they end up tied up to their old habits, even if these habits harm them. Continue reading How To Let Go Of What Makes You Unhappy

Cedella Marley: Let Go of Life’s Challenges

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv2Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

Stop right this moment and think of something that will make you smile. JAH has given you so many reasons to feel gratitude.

So let go of life’s challenges and focus on all that is positive. Your happiness will be contagious with those around you and help create a more positive world for all!

One love…Cedella

Having The Courage To Let Go

By Amina Deb, In5d.com

Thankfully we are receiving much support and encouragement to let go of that which no longer supports us, that which no longer resonates with love and our version of joy.

We are encouraged to ask, “Do I feel good when in the company of this person?”; “Do I feel good in this situation?” If the answer is no, we are championed to let them or it go.

Generously we are reminded that none of this is personal, that it is merely a function of the laws of physics. Feeling “good” and feeling “love” is a higher vibration then the alternatives. Continue reading Having The Courage To Let Go

Cedella Marley: Let Go and Take Action

Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

If you are feeling discouraged about a certain situation or something you need to accomplish, let go and take action. Your thoughts are very powerful and can hold you back in life.

Change your mindset and get rid of the worry so that you may remind yourself of the meaning and purpose for your goals. Focus on how amazing you will feel once you get to the finish line!

One love…Cedella


Let Go

By Wes Annac (Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel)

I wrote the following for the 219th issue of the Weekly Awareness Guide, a written document distributed weekly via email that I offer for $11.11 a month.

Income from the guide helps me get by and ensures I can continue to offer free content, and every subscription is appreciated. The option to subscribe is given at the bottom of this post (learn about subscribing with cash/check here).

Letting go of the negativity and stress that hijack our attention is one of the most difficult things for people to do, because we cling to an identity we think is necessary for our survival when in reality, it prevents us from truly living.

It’s through our grip on this false identity that we create the negativity we think we can’t escape.

We cling to it due to the fear that life will come crashing down without it, but out of that storm comes the calmness we’ve been waiting for.

Calmness, stillness and emptiness only leave when we resist them, and resistance is birthed out of the apparent necessity to defend ourselves and earn what we think we deserve.

Continue reading Let Go

Let Go Of What You Didn’t Realize You Were Hanging On To

By Anastacia, Blue Beyond (Thanks to In5D.com)

This information came through to be shared, as a message from a ‘guide’ of ‘sorts’:

Let go of all you did not know or were not aware of, that you are hanging onto Subconsciously and bring it up into the Conscious.

‘Things’/Situations we have prayed and focused on with good intent, yet somewhere in this there is now a letting go totally of all of those inner fears that were niggling…while in the human consciousness we are carrying on in faith and trust. Continue reading Let Go Of What You Didn’t Realize You Were Hanging On To

Letting Go Of Attachment: 6 Reasons To Let Go

By Andrew Martin, Collective Evolution 

“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached” – Simone Weil

The Buddha taught that attachment, which is the desire to hold on to a permanent state or keep a thing or person, generates craving, wanting, and insecurity, and he believed it is one of the main causes of human suffering.

Non-attachment, on the other hand, aims to cultivate a mind free from these limiting desires. Once we do this we can then move towards a mind of oneness, which involves compassion, clarity of vision, and an understanding of impermanence. Continue reading Letting Go Of Attachment: 6 Reasons To Let Go

Ajahn Sumedho: Let Go

“The practice of ‘letting go’ is very effective for minds obsessed with compulsive thinking: you simplify your meditation practice down to just two words—’letting go.’ Rather than trying to develop this practice and then develop that, and achieve this and go into that; … just let go, let go, let go.

“I did nothing but this for about two years—every time I tried to understand or figure things out, I’d just say, ‘let go, let go’ until the desire would fade out. So I’m making it very simple for you, to save you from getting caught in incredible amounts of suffering.

“There’s nothing more sorrowful than having to attend International Buddhist Conferences! Some of you might have the desire to become the Buddha of the age, Maitreya, radiating love throughout the world – but instead, I suggest just being an earthworm … who knows only two words – ‘let go, let go, let go.” – Ajahn Sumedho

(Ajahn Sumedho, Cittaviveka. Teachings from the Silent Mind. (Great Gaddesden: Amaravati Publications, 1992; c1984, 44.)