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The Long Arc of Love

By Lissa Rankin, Wake Up World

A Brutiful Love Story

The way I hurdled headlong into what I thought was love three years ago is so clichéd that I won’t even bother describing the intoxicating fireworks. It was a star-crossed, impossible relationship from the get-go, a doomed love affair heading for a crash and burn we both should have anticipated, but we didn’t see it coming. We both made promises we had no business making, and it felt so seductive to believe we could keep them. We were reckless and narcissistic, believing in magic and miracles, instead of facing the inevitable reality that would one day smack us in the ass. Continue reading The Long Arc of Love


An Abundance of Love


Credit: Kathleen Mary Willis

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

The penny dropped for me today on something I’ve never been able to get.

I’ve always thought of “abundance” as lying at one end of the spectrum and “love” lying at another. Who knows why I think that way. But the pattern is there.

Tonight I saw that that separation didn’t necessarily have to be. I found myself asking the Divine Mother for “an abundance of love.”

And the penny dropped. Continue reading An Abundance of Love

Ayahuasca – The Shadow Goddess and Game Master of Love

By Juliet Tang, Wake Up World

Shadow Work 

Ayahuasca is an entheogenic brew that excels at shadow work. Your shadow is everything you have shunned from childhood that has caused you shame, pain and guilt. As a result, the energy behind those experiences and memories is kept hidden from the conscious self, and eventually forms the shadow self that remains in the dark.

The shadow, or split self becomes the unconscious and invisible force behind your moment-to-moment interactions, decisions and motivations; it is the root cause of your limiting patterns and emotional blockages in life, yet you may have long forgotten about those memories. Eventually, the trapped energy can result in mental, emotional and physical distress. Continue reading Ayahuasca – The Shadow Goddess and Game Master of Love

Dalai Lama: We Need An Education of the Heart

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

Education is one of our core values here at Collective Evolution. By education I don’t necessarily mean the acquisition of a degree, however; education takes all shapes and forms. Simply being alive and experiencing life as we do every day is worthy of the name education.

We receive an education when we interact with others, and we receive an education when we do independent research. Formal schooling is a different beast entirely, and it’s unfortunate that our society equates diplomas and degrees with intelligence, since obtaining a piece of paper has nothing to do with intelligence at all. Continue reading Dalai Lama: We Need An Education of the Heart

Give the Gift of Love

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I’m seeing so clearly how the greatest course correction I possibly will ever make is to cross the line from a person who loves himself in an average kind of way to a person who actively and generously does so.

I don’t mean out of hubris or arrogance or aloofness.  I mean out of higher-dimensional, divine, or transformative love.  What people mean when they capitalize the word “Love.” Continue reading Give the Gift of Love

Saul via John Smallman: Love is All-Pervasive. All You Have To Do Is Open Yourselves Up To It

saul-300x91Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia

Audio version.

The awakening of humanity is proceeding apace, and most enthusiastically, because, in spite of the unsettling and disturbing mainstream media news, people everywhere are beginning to see the Light and feel uplifted and inspired to make the daily intent, on waking in the morning, to be loving throughout the day, whatever arises. Doing only that is enormously powerful and effective, it is what you all incarnated to do – to be conduits for the Tsunami of Love enveloping the planet. Continue reading Saul via John Smallman: Love is All-Pervasive. All You Have To Do Is Open Yourselves Up To It

In Praise of Centrism: The Politics of the Heart

sacred-345By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

If I were to hold to any “ism,” I’d want to revive centrism in politics.

I think it got a bad press many decades ago and being mild in temperament yielded place. But I think we need to welcome it back to the table.

It’s possible that I’m alive to this issue because, in Canada, we have a well-developed centrist political tradition. Continue reading In Praise of Centrism: The Politics of the Heart

This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Fall In Love

By Deepak Chopra, via Body Mind Soul Spirit

The human brain is an exquisitely sensitive instrument. It registers the slightest nuance of any experience you have ever had. This is no more evident than in love. Imagine someone whispering, “I love you.” In romantic terms these are desirable words – probably the most desirable any of us will ever hear. The brain responds to ‘I love you” with an orchestration of positive reactions. People who are in love feel less stressed; their blood pressure goes down. When a couple who enjoys a long-term loving marriage hold hands, even their response to physical pain is strengthened. Continue reading This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Fall In Love

What I Want

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

I wrote the following for the 253rd issue of the Weekly Awareness Guide, a written document distributed weekly via email that I offer for $11.11 a month.

Income from the guide helps me get by and ensures I can continue to offer free content, and every subscription is appreciated. The option to subscribe is given at the bottom of this post (learn about subscribing with cash/check here).

What I want is simple.

I want the world to live in peace; not die in war. I want to see people treat each other as equals; not hate and kill each other over something as silly as religious or political differences. I want us to treat each other as one human race; not multiple races in perpetual conflict over what divides us.

I want to help people understand what love really is; not the romantic notions we’ve come to associate with love, but true love. This is love for all mankind, and with it comes the understanding that we are one race. We can thrive together or fall together. Continue reading What I Want

Why You Should Never Give Up On Love

By Luminita D. Saviuc, Purpose Fairy

“To those who have given up on love: I say, “Trust life a little bit.” ~ Maya Angelou

You know what I really love? LOVE! I love LOVE!

The way I see it, there ain’t no bigger and more powerful force in the whole universe than LOVE itself.

Love makes the world go round. It’s the glue that hold everything together. Love is what we are made of. We are made of love and made to love. Our true nature is love and by trying to move away from love, by saying that we want to give up on love, we slowly but surely move away from who we truly are. We move away from our true nature, drifting away and feeling more and more disoriented, disconnected and confused. Continue reading Why You Should Never Give Up On Love