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James Gilliland: We Have To Ask Ourselves: How Is This Working For Us?

By James Gilliland, In5D.com

Every new year most party late into the night, get intoxicated by various methods, make resolutions only to break them within the week.

Are we a blessing to life?

Or are we empty – seeking outside of ourselves for love, joy, bliss, abundance etc.

Many relationships are splitting during these times for various reasons, some couples just can’t do another year of dysfunction and the exponential increase in energies just won’t allow it.
In the macrocosm our dysfunctional relationship with society and the planet also is coming up for healing. Continue reading James Gilliland: We Have To Ask Ourselves: How Is This Working For Us?


What Will You Create in 2017?

By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

I wrote the following for the 230th issue of the Weekly Awareness Guide, a written document distributed weekly via email that I offer for $11.11 a month.

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2016 was chaotic, and we now have a new year to look forward to that will, depending on our choices, either build on the madness or offer a path out of it.

We can’t deny that 2016 was a divisive and emotionally charged year. Almost everything, from celebrity deaths to an outrageous election with an unexpected result, has put people on edge indefinitely.

A lot of people experienced the same upheaval on a personal level, and 2017 offers the opportunity for redemption. It also offers the opportunity to increase the chaos. Again, it all comes down to your choices. If you choose liberation, it’s yours. If you choose chaos and heartbreak, they’re yours.

Continue reading What Will You Create in 2017?

New Moon, New Year – Rewriting the Future in 2017 (Astrology Update)

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone, Wake Up World

The last lunar cycle, which began on November 30th’s New Moon in Sagittarius, created the energetic backdrop through which we recently experienced a powerful need for freedom, which in turn, has brought to the surface deep feelings of frustration and restriction. Although these feelings ultimately lead us back to desiring and creating essential change, we are walking the line between liberty and limitation — and creating transformation from this space is not an easy ride!

Thankfully, this month’s new lunar cycle, which commenced with Thursday’s New Moon in Capricorn, offers some support. We are being given the opportunity to revise how we respond to our fears, darkness and suffering — the things that both feed and are fed by our sense of frustration and limitation — learnings that enable us to rewrite our future and literally become the change. Continue reading New Moon, New Year – Rewriting the Future in 2017 (Astrology Update)

Archangel Gabriel via Shelly Young: You Have Done It!

via Shelly Young, Trinity Esoterics, January 1, 2016

Dear Ones, you have done it! You have come through a year that has energetically shifted you more than any other time on your planet. You have cleansed and purged and have also become accustomed to very fast moving energies.

What you have accomplished is absolutely remarkable! What this now allows you to do is to start 2016 from a platform – a golden platform of light – that allows you a higher vantage point than you have ever had to operate from before.

This will allow you to see things from a whole new perspective, to see into what life looks like in these new energies, and to create beyond what you could have ever imagined possible.

So we commend you and congratulate you on all that you have done, and what you are now set up to do, which is to navigate your life lovingly, mindfully, compassionately and passionately, as you move into the next phase of this grand adventure you are on called life. ~Archangel Gabriel

Cedella Marley: Start Planning for the New Year

CedellaPositive Vibrations, by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time, December 21, 2015

If you want to get ahead, you have to plan, prepare and persist. If you procrastinate, you leave room for mistakes and are not setting yourself up for success.

Take the time today to start planning for the new year and prepare yourself for the amazing opportunities that are around the corner.

One love…Cedella

2015: A New Year, a New Era

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

2015 is here, and with each New Year we meet, we’re usually compelled to ask what we want to do differently to make it more enjoyable and fulfilling than the last. Personally, my goals for 2015 are to step into a greater open-mindedness (and openheartedness), make spirit a more consistent part of my life and let the love flow to everyone who crosses my path.

I mentioned in a previous article that I’m ready to step into a more refined, authentic version of myself who can express love freely and creatively flow with no problems. I’m ready for the spiritual aspects of life to reveal themselves to a greater degree, and I’m ready to explore my consciousness even more than I have so far. Continue reading 2015: A New Year, a New Era

A Blessing for the New Year

At the completion of every one of William LePar’s trances his spiritual source, The Council, would offer a blessing. The following blessing seems appropriate for the New Year. The Council:

It is with all the love that we can possibly send to you that we give a blessing to you all. We hope that the Divine Father expresses Himself to you as He has to us. We hope that He gives you the understanding and the wisdom to use that which has been given to you. And as we hope you pray for one another, we too shall pray for you. At times when you are made aware of certain information it seems to become insurmountable, but that is only your human weakness that sees it as such. Remember nothing is ever given to you that you cannot fully overcome and have much to spare. Keeping this thought in mind and having faith in your Divine Father and His Love that He has for you, know that you will have more than is enough. Know that you are His chosen children. Know that you are most assuredly instigated by Him, and that you do have a very specific purpose in His Plan and that you do absolutely have the strength to fulfill it.

For more on William LePar and The Council see http://www.WilliamLePar.com

Source: http://lightworkers.org/channeling/174225/bleesing-new-year

“Chinese New Year” – Djwhal Khul


(Channeling begins)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi delek.

Alright then. We have for our first New Moon of the calendar year marking Chinese New Year, the year of the Dragon. The color is black, the element is water and of course Dragon is fire, but we’re technically still working with the wood element so it makes 2012 very interesting in terms of those cycles. Continue reading “Chinese New Year” – Djwhal Khul

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 1 January 2012

Beloved Ones,

Let the mantra for these times be the word “focus”.  No matter what is occurring in the World around you, focus your Love on it, bless it and shower this Love whenever and wherever you may walk. Know that you are each representatives of the Divine and that your every thought, word, action and deed has become most important in the bringing in of the New Earth reality. There will be many in the days that lie ahead that will try to distract you from this focus and it falls upon you to remember your vision and your purpose for being here at this time. Continue reading Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 1 January 2012

Lucas – We Made It People Of The Human Kind – 2012 – The Struggle Is Almost Over – 31 December 2011

I know now for sure 2012 will be a marvelous year for us all and the abundance program will come into action soon. I was over the moon when I heard the news from Benjamin Fulford that the breakthrough in the financial system has been made so the new is just around the corner. It made my strong conviction of the help we get and got to ensure the new heaven on earth  to be acknowledged. The help by the white hats and our outer and inner- earth  families, and all who I forgot to mention  (will call them lightbeings of all kind) has mad it possible.We did also do our part in this. We made it people of the human kind. Continue reading Lucas – We Made It People Of The Human Kind – 2012 – The Struggle Is Almost Over – 31 December 2011