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Teachings of Ayahuasca – Creation, Death, Rebirth, and 15 Essential Life Lessons

By Juliet Tang, Wake Up World

My Beloved Teacher

Of all the spiritual teachers I have worked with, ayahuasca has been the most powerful, the wisest, as well as the toughest. Her love for you is so great that she will again and again take you down the rabbit holes and the darkest places inside of you until the lessons are learned and mastered.

This article is based on my personal account of working with this powerful medicine during one of my ceremonies though no two journeys are ever alike even for the same person, so I share it with great respect and humility knowing no words can adequately capture what I experienced.

In this time and space dimension, ayahuasca is known to be an entheogenic traditional South American brew that is ingested for healing and spiritual awakening. To me, she is my beloved spiritual teacher and life coach who has taken me to heaven, hell, the universe and beyond — to ensure that I remember my true essence. Continue reading Teachings of Ayahuasca – Creation, Death, Rebirth, and 15 Essential Life Lessons


The Spring Equinox on March 20 Will Open a Portal to Fertility, Renewal and Rebirth

By Heather Eland, Conscious Life News

Throughout history, our ancestors have held a deep and profound understanding of the significance of our connection with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. For thousands of years, humans have recognized the innate power of the natural rhythms of the Sun and Moon and tracked these cycles very closely, observing the physical, emotional and psychological effects of the mysterious cosmic dance between the two luminaries. In ancient times, these cycles were used to track time, to predict events and weather patterns, and to plan for the perfect time to travel, plant crops, hold ceremony, and give offerings to the gods, goddesses and Mother Earth.

In modern times, through various means of suppression and control, we have been cut off from our connection with these potent natural cycles. The introduction of the Gregorian calendar, daylight savings time, artificial lighting, and the 40-hour workweek have all contributed to our unfortunate disconnect from the cycles that are intimately connected to our human existence on this beautiful planet we call home. Continue reading The Spring Equinox on March 20 Will Open a Portal to Fertility, Renewal and Rebirth

Rebirth and Renewal as Spring Blossoms


By Lydia Dawn (Contributor for the Culture of Awareness), The Ambrosia Writings

Spring is:

Spring is soft, like a breeze upon my skin

         It’s radiant warmth is a loving embrace

         Spring is a promise of renewal

         It is a bloom, and a bud yet unopened

         A simple reminder of tender young love

Spring is the hope of our coldest, darkest night — unfurling into vibrancy all around us Continue reading Rebirth and Renewal as Spring Blossoms

Amanda: The Venus Transit + Rebirth

by Andy WarholWhat wonderful sites are springing up, Here is Amanda’s. 

The Venus Transit + Rebirth

Amanda, Pandasana, June 6, 2012


<– Venus- Andy Warhol

I’ve been on a bit of a technology detox for the last few days. I was sick with the flu over the weekend, and feeling drained of all of my vital energy. I’d planned to write a post about the Venus transit before it happened, but life interfered.

The transit of Venus is a rare event that occurs in 8 year pairs (June 2004/June 2012) every 121 or so years.  Venus represents the divine feminine, love and harmony, and its presence in front of our sun is thought to activate and shine light on the divine feminine energy within our earth and ourselves. This integrates with our masculine energy (which is dominant on our earth, currently) and brings about a great balance between masculine and feminine, yin and yang. Continue reading Amanda: The Venus Transit + Rebirth

Lauren Gorgo: Transference: The reBirth

Transference: The reBirth

Posted by  , Thinkwithyourheart.net, Tuesday, November 8, 2011


**Important to note: this transmission is encoded with specific frequencies that the Pleiadian High Council have asked me to distribute to those in resonance. This means that the energy contained within this article will activate, accelerate and/or align you to the Source Code frequencies, those codes that are contained within our God-DNA. As a disclaimer, these frequencies have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint.

I am sure most of you are feeling it already, but we are in a pretty profound passage this week and so I have been asked by the Pleiadian High Council…on what they call a special mission of service… to address some things that they feel we would benefit from knowing. Please bear with me as I have not fully integrated this information…which I try to do (at least a little) before I post an update…however, there is a sense of urgency behind this that is forcing me to wing-it. As always, the energy of the article is more important than the words that are preceding our mental comprehension of it all. Continue reading Lauren Gorgo: Transference: The reBirth