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The Creator Writings: Through the Eyes…

the-world-is-in-your-eyesvia Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

One of the most important things you can do during this massive shift is to be kind. An experience like this has never happened on your Earth-plane and each of you is going through your own unique set of challenges and reacting a different way. Rather than judging, look at them through the eyes of compassion.

This does not mean you need to abandon the boundaries you have so lovingly established…it does mean that others just ‘need a break’ sometimes. Allow them the time and space to process as you would for yourself. Each and every one of you is worthy and deserving of it. ~ Creator



The Creator Writings: Where Great Things Begin…

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

Now that you have had a few moments to settle into this shift, what do you want to accomplish with the new energy? Keep in mind that it does not have to be grand, it can be something small.

It does not have to change the world, but it could very well change another’s life. It most certainly does not have to make a huge statement, oftentimes a whisper is enough. Whatever you choose, choose with your heart and soul because, after all, that is where all great things begin. ~ Creator


The Creator Writings: One Horizon

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

You are being invited to take a few moments of your day and ponder this; you may imagine yourself wander through your existence, doing what you normally do and not fully understanding the impact you have on the lives around you.

A smile here, a nod there, a kind word given at just the right time may, indeed, save a life.  Profound, is it not?  When you have a conscious awareness of the impact you have on those around you, your thinking (and feelings) will begin to take a different shape.  A softer, more understanding you will emerge.

If you feel as if you are one of the ‘lonely ones’ that seems to be invisible, remember to look for those sweet, subtle signs that there are humans who care…care about you and the direction you are traveling.  Remember, dearest ones, you are on the shape ship sailing toward the same horizon.  It is time for inclusion and togetherness, embrace the connection! ~ Creator

The Creator Writings: Turning On The Light

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

Easy now…easy. Here, let me turn on the light for you so you can see more clearly. There, that is a bit better! There is no sense in stumbling around in the dark when you have such an amazing tool at your disposal. Allow it to bring clarification, lighten dark and shadowy corners and bring out what really needs work.

Dealing with all of this can seem daunting and overwhelming at first. You may feel as if it is all coming at you at once. That is OK. This is your work, your shadows and your life; you are perfectly within your right to ask for a single file line. (Smiling) That line may seem quite long but, I know you can handle it. This is why I am here with you…to conquer it all. ~ Creator


The Creator Writings: Time To Play

via Jennifer Farley, The Creator Writings

Lately, it has been all work, work, work. Today, The Universe is asking you to engage in play! Take some time and go outside, blow bubbles, swing, draw, paint or dance! When you become too wrapped up in the ‘heavy lifting’ of this ongoing shift, it can be challenging to remember how to play but, I know you can do it. (Smiling)

This does not mean you are ignoring or putting off the inevitable; it means that you are taking time to balance things out!  So, get out there and enjoy being human for a moment or two.  The rest will be there when you get back. ~ Creator


The Creator Writings: You Choose

via Jennifer Farley, thanks to Galactic Free Press

There are many voices of The Universe moving through your world today. Some are light and funny, others are dense and fearful. Some feel factual and others will make you scoff. This is solely dependent on where you are in your journey.

If you read or hear something that does not resonate with you, move on. No fault, no foul. If something triggers you, go deep within and ask why! And, if what you are reading or hearing helps bring a bit of peace and calm…then continue. (Smiling) Remember, you choose for you. ~ Creator


The Creator Writings: Which Way?

download1via Jennifer Farley, thanks to Galactic Free Press

Take a moment to reflect on where you are now and where you would like to go in the future. As you are picturing those things, what feelings are coming up, what barriers to you see, what fears present themselves? Are you moving into your future with a sense of desperation or hope?

Are you longing to be completed or are you completing yourself? Why? These are some of the questions that are begging to be answered and will determine which direction you go. This shift will be bringing exactly what you imagine and ask for! Your free will and new-found power will be put to work in ways you never thought possible. Think clearly and choose wisely, dearest child. ~ Creator


The Creator Writings: You Can Be The Cure

how-to-treat-a-fever-naturally-210x163via Jennifer Farley, Thanks to Galactic Free Press

Another opportunity for the collective ‘here we go again’ is approaching.  Are you ready for it? The Universe could repeat the stay-grounded/stay-peaceful/stay-calm litany, but you already know all of this. Instead…

Manifest!  There are things you have been putting off because they felt too big. Time as you know it is folding in on itself and the opportunities for instantaneous gifts are greater than ever. Continue reading The Creator Writings: You Can Be The Cure

The Creator Writings: Reckoning

via Jennifer Farley, Thanks to Galactic Free Press

Your own personal day of reckoning is at hand. The Universe is offering you the opportunity to take stock of your emotions, thoughts, actions, reactions and change what is needing to be changed.

The coming shift is so huge, so massive that homework is required before it begins. (Smiling) It is time to dig in, my darling one, to get your hands dirty and release all you feel is negative.

This is not saying that the negative will completely disappear.  It will come up from time to time but, with the digging/releasing process started, it will not matter so much.  This is your chance to change your world…do not let the opportunity pass you by! ~ Creator


The Creator Writings: Feed Your Brain

atoms-mind-consciousness-759x500via Jennifer Farley, Thanks to Galactic Free Press

Your worthiness is not dependent upon another.  What others, think, feel or say about you does not really matter.  However, what you think, feel or say about yourself does.  Your mind is an intricate and fascinating machine, taking in every bit of stimulus offered to it in a way you can best understand.

If you ‘feed’ your brain negative thoughts and feelings, it will crave, create situations and give you exactly what you need.  On the flip side, if you feed your brain good thoughts and feelings, again, it will crave the same.  What are you choosing to feed your brain today? ~ Creator