I Stand With the Conscious Community

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I stand with my brothers and sisters in the conscious community who are working hard to raise awareness and set the planet free. I’m proud to be a part of this movement, and I’ll gladly work with anyone who’s genuinely dedicated to change.

We can achieve more if we work together or at least support each other, because we’ll have an interlocked network to go to for guidance if we ever need it. We can come to each other with problems that stump us, and we can remind each other that we aren’t alone; there are people around us willing to lift us up when we’re in doubt.

Everyone is approaching this revolution from a different angle, and we all have something unique to give that comes with its own set of problems. This is one reason I think we should support each other, and while we might not be able to help with issues that are specific to someone else’s work, we can still let them know they’re not alone.

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The more we support each other, the more we can achieve. For example; if your goal is to help people wake up to the fact that we live in a massive police state, you can link up with those who share the same goal and collaborate on projects intended to raise awareness.

If you want to share spiritual guidance, you’ll find plenty of people in the spiritual community willing to help.

No matter what you want to do, you’ll find support as long as your intent is genuine. The only downside is that some in our community would rather fight over simple disagreements than work them out, but we can get rid of this tendency by encouraging unity and respect.

Some people are so sure of what they think they know that they have no problem arguing when someone disagrees. If we could get past the ego-driven part of us that convinces us we should convert people who don’t think like us, we can work together to help the world without any bitterness or serious disagreements.

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If we open our hearts and become empathic toward those in our community who think differently, we’ll see the issues we fight about a different point of view. We’ll realize how silly it is to fight over any differences, and we’ll learn to accept (and even work with) those with a different perspective.

The people in our community who don’t care about your differences will accept you as you are and encourage your individuality, because they know it’s important to be yourself. They’ve seen what conformity does to people, and they’d rather live in a new way that encourages harmony and respect for our differences.

They’re usually the most open, warm and inviting people you’ll ever meet, and they’re the best ones to work with on a project or something intended to spread the truth.

Despite the potential for heated disagreements, my favorite part of being in this community is that we’re all inspired and unwilling to accept defeat.

We’re tired of the ways the system has conditioned us to think there’s nothing we can do about poverty and the suffering happening daily, and fortunately, millions of other people are fed up too. We’re not alone in the struggle to expose the darkness and share the light, and in most cases, we’re only separated by distance.

Anything seems possible in this community, from dethroning corrupt governments to expanding your consciousness, and the main thing driving this sense of strength is that we’re doing all of this together.

It’s inspiring to see people in our community work hard and achieve amazing things, especially if we have their support, and it makes us want to strive more and reach out to more fellow world changers.

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Whether we work together or separately, dedication goes a long way and our work will contribute to the achievement of things we never expected. It can only happen if we keep working and, perhaps most importantly, keep supporting each other, and unity will help us make even greater strides together.

We need each other’s love and support more than ever, and collective dedication is essential if we want to achieve anything significant.

Right now, my goal is to inspire people and spread good vibes with the power of words. No matter what your goal is, I recommend faithfully pursuing it and linking up with others who can support you and whom you can support.

We can make the journey easier for each other by coming together, and we can set an example of unity for the world to acknowledge when it’s ready. We can also expose and heal the evil in the world, and the day we increase our support for each other will be the day finally start to change things.


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