My Prayer


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

To the Source, I pray that you be with us all in times of uncertainty.

To life, I pray that in time, you reveal your greatest secrets.

To the planet, I pray that you find peace, healing and stability.

For humanity, I pray that we see the light in the darkness and come to terms with our differences.

To the plant and animal kingdom, I pray that you forgive humans for what we’re doing to you. As strange as it sounds, we know not what we do.

To the billionaires pulling the strings in our society, I pray that you return to your heart and put a stop to the greed and wickedness. I pray you find compassion for those whose lives you’ve destroyed, confess your sins and embrace the justice coming your way, but it’s coming no matter what you do.

To these people’s victims, I pray you find forgiveness so you can move forward and make a better world.

To religious leaders and spiritual teachers, I pray you learn that love is the most important thing you can teach and remember to practice what you preach.


To their followers, I pray you learn to find God in yourself and be aware of your ability to instantly access higher states of consciousness where you’re one with your creator.

To my readers, I pray you never look to me or anyone else for what you can only find in yourself, because you’ll be unhappy and depleted of your authentic spirituality if you do.

To my friends and family, I pray you can forgive me for the times I’ve wronged you or made life harder for you.

Finally, for myself, I pray for daily guidance, insight and good vibes from the Source. I pray for food, water, a stable living situation for my family and whatever amount of money the Most High deems appropriate.

Most importantly, I pray for love to sweep the planet. I pray for people to see the direction in which the world is moving and make a change, and I pray that I can be the change this world needs despite my flaws and the fact that I’ve dropped the ball before.


I couldn’t tell you what kind of religious or spiritual value prayer has, but I can share what it does for me. Like writing, prayer is a form of meditation I can use to communicate with the Source and receive insight on things that are important to me, and it doesn’t have to be exclusive to religion.

I’m not religious, but I do think prayer has value and I utilize it often.

I make little prayers throughout the day instead of waiting until bed, and their spontaneity is one of the best things about them. I might thank the Most High for the food I’m about to eat or pray for guidance when I struggle, but this is enough to get the creator’s attention and receive valuable insight.

Source won’t express itself unless we request it, but when it does, it usually gives us exactly what we need.

This is one reason prayer is helpful, and it’s liberating to realize that you’re already constantly connected with God no matter how much outside noise seems to cover up the connection. For me, prayer illuminates it as much as meditation and creativity, and the best role to play in life is one that combines all three.


I’m not saying you should pray, because we all walk a unique path and what works for one might not work for another. However, if you struggle or you feel like the world could use some protection and good vibes, maybe open that channel to the Source through prayer and see if it helps.

If it doesn’t, you’ll know it isn’t right for you.

But if it does, you’ll have a new way to feel the love and send healing to the world. The power to heal the planet lives within us regardless of how we channel it, and it starts with an inner transformation that inspires us to help the world reflect the peaceful inner reality we’re rediscovering.

We can use meditation, prayer, creativity and so many other things to raise our consciousness while inspiring the changes the world needs, and if we willingly and thoroughly utilize these outlets, we’ll make it easier for everyone to see and embody the light.


You can spread the light by living it and expressing it in your every thought, word and action, and when you stop running from the darkness, you begin to learn from both. You learn to shed light on the darkness without letting it negatively affect you, and you become aware that the two opposing forces are one.

Let everyone who struggles find the love and guidance they need, because we’re on the verge of rediscovering the greatest spiritual secrets kept from mankind. We’re on the verge of an awakening, and prayer is one of many things that can speed up the inevitable rediscovery of our oneness with God.


Inspiring a Revolution of Love, Compassion, and Wisdom

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