20th Century Fox Apologizes for Purposely Spreading Fake News

By James Holbrooks, Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA) “In raising awareness for our films, we do our best to push the boundaries of traditional marketing in order to creatively express our message to consumers. In this case, we got it wrong.”

Those words were taken from an email sent to the New York Times by film industry behemoth 20th Century Fox. It was an apology from the corporation for its part in creating a network of “fake news” sites that published false stories as a marketing campaign for one of its films.

“We have reviewed our internal approval process and made appropriate changes,” Dan Berger, 20th Century Fox spokesman Dan Berger told the Times, “to ensure that every part of a campaign is elevated to and vetted by management in order to avoid this type of mistake in the future.” Continue reading 20th Century Fox Apologizes for Purposely Spreading Fake News


Escape the Guilt Trap! Here’s Your “Get Out of Guilt Free Card!”

By Nanice Ellis, Wake Up World

Do you ever feel guilty for taking time off or doing things for yourself, or does guilt and obligation ever influence your choices or plague you with regret? Some might worry that without guilt and obligation they won’t fulfill responsibilities, but, as you’ll soon see, this just isn’t the case. So, if you’re ready to be freed from guilt and obligation, this is for you!

In theory, it might sound nice to put others first, but when guilt and obsessive obligation cloud personal needs, it’s easy to become last on your own list, and consequently, the hidden costs can be unending. Under the spell of guilt and obligation, we may suppress expression, remain disempowered, and disregard the inner guidance that could otherwise lead us to joy. Moreover, if we are afraid to cause harm or inconvenience to others, guilt and obligation might trap us in jobs or relationships well past their expiration date. Continue reading Escape the Guilt Trap! Here’s Your “Get Out of Guilt Free Card!”

Bruce Lee’s Taoist Wisdom

Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist and movie star had an amazing understanding of Taoist principles. He applied them to his art, and lived them in his day-to-day life. He is still revered years after his death as a martial arts Jesus for good reason. His authenticity, and mastery of the martial arts, including Jeet Kune Do, extends into a mastery of self. There is so much to learn from this intrepid soul.

Bruce Lee once said,

“Taoist philosophy is essentially monistic. Matter and energy, Yang and Yin, heaven and earth are conceived of as essentially one or as two coexistent poles of one indivisible whole.” Continue reading Bruce Lee’s Taoist Wisdom

Why Being Weird is Unusually Cool!


By Cherie Roe Dirksen, Conscious Life News

“People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.” — Dan Quayle

Weird Persuasion

Would you associate the words ‘destiny’, ‘fortune’, ‘luck’ or ‘kismet’ with ‘weird’?

Well, believe it or not, the actual meaning of this commonly rebuffed word is all of the above.  As an adjective it suggests something uncanny or supernatural and as a noun it is a person’s destiny!

I bet you wished you knew that on the playground, right? Continue reading Why Being Weird is Unusually Cool!

Cedella Marley: Respond with a Positive Attitude

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv2Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

If you are having a bad day, change your attitude and see what happens. People around you are often experiencing the same situations but might process the information differently.

Choose to respond to anything that comes your way and with a positive attitude. Once you decide to proactively be positive, your life will feel more balanced.

One love…Cedella


Easily Create Lucid Dreams By Doing These Things

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

Lucid dreaming is beyond bizarre to most of us. You are asleep and dreaming yet you know you are dreaming, and many lucid dreamers can affect actions and outcomes in dreams just like they do during waking moments. Only in dreams, you can do much more fantastical things – bend steel, fly, stop bullets, and finally talk to that girl at the coffee shop that always makes you so nervous. 

We already know that lucid dreamers have some of the highest brain wave frequencies on the planet, but what if you could induce a lucid dreaming state – known for helping to drastically change your waking life – simply by applying the right electrical current at the right frequency to the brain? What if you could also train your brain to have more lucid dreams? Continue reading Easily Create Lucid Dreams By Doing These Things

Unpublished Churchill Essay Shows That He Believed In Alien Life

By Jess Murray, Truth Theory

A recently discovered essay written by Winston Churchill has revealed that he was open to the possibility of alien life on other planets. The popular science article was found to be written around 1939 when World War Two broke out, and within the article contained Churchill’s thoughts and opinions on the likelihood of extra-terrestrial life, according to recent reports. The draft was 11 pages long, and potentially intended for a newspaper. The paper was further updated in the 1950s, although it was never published.

Three decades later, during the 1980s, the essay was transferred to a museum in the US where it had remained undiscovered until just last year. The document was uncovered in the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri, by the institution’s new director Timothy Riley. It was then passed to the Israeli astrophysicist and author Mario Livio by Riley. Although the discovery of the essay was fairly recent, its contents do not come as a shock to many, as Churchill’s interest in science was well known. He was the first British prime minister to employ a science adviser, Frederick Lindemann, as well as regularly meeting with scientists which included Sir Bernard Lovell, a pioneer of radio astronomy. Despite this, Dr Livio described the discovery as a “great surprise”. Continue reading Unpublished Churchill Essay Shows That He Believed In Alien Life

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Home

By Emma Clark, Eco Warrior Princess

If you are planning on renovating your home, you’ll want to make sure you do it in style but without further causing harm to our environment.

Contrary to what many people think, there are plenty of ways to make your home renovation an environment-friendly one. That way, you have a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but one that reduces environmental impact.

But how exactly do you renovate a home to make it simultaneously eco-friendly and stylish? In this article, we show you 10 of our favourite eco-friendly ways to renovate your home. Continue reading Top 10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Home

8 Ways School is Making Children Stupid and Depressed

By Sofo Archon, Wake Up World

School is supposed to help children grow into mature, conscious, responsible, intelligent adults, who have mastered the art of living, and who can contribute their gifts to the world. School as we know it, however, couldn’t be further from that. In fact, school, as it exists in most places across the planet, helps only to stunt children’s intelligence and to fill them with stress and worries, which results in the chaotic world that we experience all around us.

Below are eight ways school is making children stupid and depressed. Continue reading 8 Ways School is Making Children Stupid and Depressed

Why Heating Your Food With Microwave Radiation Might Be A Terrible Idea

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

A few decades from now, will it be common knowledge that using microwave radiation to heat food is harmful to human health? It’s certainly a possibility, and information is already emerging which shows cause for concern. Microwaves work by causing water molecules to resonate at very high frequencies, converting them into steam and thereby heating your food. While this might be a convenient way to prepare your food, using microwave radiation in this way actually changes the chemical structure of that food.

The fact that they are approved as safe doesn’t mean much these days, as we’ve seen with several other examples from Tobacco, PCBs and Asbestos and Glyphosate. Just because a government agency, like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or a government health agency approves something as safe, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Continue reading Why Heating Your Food With Microwave Radiation Might Be A Terrible Idea


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