Most Bottled Water Brands Contaminated with Microplastics

By Dr. Joseph MercolaWake Up World

Plastic has become an incredibly harmful convenience, now threatening environmental and human health alike, and in more ways than one.

Let’s analyze the impact bottled water has had on our planet. There’s the issue of bulk plastics in our landfills, where it will remain indefinitely since most plastic does not biodegrade,1 and microplastics — microscopic pieces of degraded plastic — which now choke waterways across the globe and contaminate drinking water and sea life.

On top of that, there are the chemicals used in the production of plastic, many of which have hormone-mimicking activity, thereby threatening animal and human health, including reproductive health. Disturbingly, recent tests reveal most bottled water contains microplastic pollution2 — contamination thought to originate from the manufacturing process of the bottles and caps. Continue reading Most Bottled Water Brands Contaminated with Microplastics


Bliss, Saedor, and a You-and-Me World

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

There’s a basic context that I haven’t yet gotten and am only dimly getting. But getting it is well worth the effort.

It’s a shift between what Werner Erhard called a “me-or-you world” to what he called a “me-and-you world.”

I’m so thoroughly trained in me-or-you that I forget to be me-and-you within five minutes of remembering. Continue reading Bliss, Saedor, and a You-and-Me World

Tattoo Culture and the Search for Identity

By Michaal Parkes, Waking Times

Whether you love or hate tattoos, they are a portal into the psyche and history of the people who get inked. Tribes, prisons, countries, pirates, sporting teams, relationships with lovers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughter are all present in the portraits people paint on their skin. The faces of people of the past, symbols of significance, landscapes of cities and countries are all wonderfully depicted through art on skin. You only need to take a moment to ask people why they selected the type of tattoo to understand a bit more about that person beliefs, life experiences or identity.

Tattoo have been a part our history from the beginnings of known history of man with the recent discovery of a tattoo on an Egyptian mummy this approximately 5,200 years old. Even though it had been in a museum for 100 years, the tattoos were only just noticed using infrared light, with academics seeking to understand more about the mummy’s identity through the symbolism of the tattoos. Continue reading Tattoo Culture and the Search for Identity

California Defeats Monsanto in Court to List Glyphosate as Carcinogen

via Natural Blaze

A California Appellate Court sided with the State of California and Center for Food Safety (CFS) on Thursday, affirming that Monsanto’s glyphosate pesticide can be listed as a known carcinogen under Proposition 65.

Monsanto’s lawsuit challenged the 2015 announcement by California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) that it intended to list glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide, Roundup, under California’s landmark Proposition 65. Continue reading California Defeats Monsanto in Court to List Glyphosate as Carcinogen

Malnourished, 55-Year-Old Elephant Tied To Tree Finally Rescued By Volunteers

By Amanda Froelich, Truth Theory

In February of this year, Khun Amy Bushell witnessed a disturbing sight. While visiting Lanta Island, she came across a malnourished elephant tied to a tree in blistering heat. Immediately, she contacted the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. Volunteers with the organization made preparations to visit the elephant, named Phang Duan. Continue reading Malnourished, 55-Year-Old Elephant Tied To Tree Finally Rescued By Volunteers

Let the rEVOLUTION Begin! – 10 Practical Steps to Uplift You and Your World

By OpenWake Up World

Let the Personal rEVOLUTION Begin!

Practically everyone’s saying it: what’s needed on our planet right now is a revolution in consciousness. We need to transform ourselves and reclaim personal sovereignty by making constant conscious choices. In so doing, we transform our lives and uplift the world around us.

These are deeply motivational times: we’ve realised the power to transform our very existence lies within. 

So what measures can evolving people take? Well to me, evolution is the key AND that does lead to practical choices to change our reality from the inside out. Here are 10 steps we could all take which, in my view, would begin to have a profound and positively growing impact in the group consciousness. Continue reading Let the rEVOLUTION Begin! – 10 Practical Steps to Uplift You and Your World

The Four Pillars of Disaster Shamanism

By Gary Z McGee, The Mind Unleashed

“We need shamans, and if society doesn’t provide them, the universe will.” ~Joe Lewels

In the article The Archetypal Path to Getting Your Shit Together, I wrote about the power of archetypes. A Disaster Shaman is an example of using an archetype to make the world a better place; to become the change we want to see in the world.

The Disaster Shaman recipe combines aspects of The Shadow with aspects of The Hero and then mixes in a little Trickster tomfoolery. The combination of these archetypes creates a particular flavor of nontraditional shamanism that spearheads healthy Cosmic Law through the heart of unhealthy lawfulness. Continue reading The Four Pillars of Disaster Shamanism

Cedella Marley: Patience

e93f3c_06f0b35deb1b47b89dada75418e7f0e9~mv2_d_1354_1354_s_2Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

It’s wise to take time to think about your decisions before you make them, it will help develop patience with yourself. You may think spontaneous choices will bring adventure and excitement to your life, but it could lead to more frustration.

By making the choice to wait, you can find ways to change your life that will have more lasting and positive effects. Patience creates the space to think before you act, which will help you to make wiser choices everyday.

One Love… Cedella

The 50 Latest Coconut Oil Benefits Backed By Science

By Chantelle Zakariasen, thanks to Body Mind Soul Spirit

Coconut oil has made the journey from villain to victor in the health food world.

What used to be deemed an evil saturated fat, dangerous for anyone worried about heart disease and high blood pressure, has become a healing nourishing substance soaring in popularity.

How did such a drastic change come about? What made people change their minds about the numerous benefits of coconut oil?

This story is tied in with the saturated fat myth that to this day runs rampant spreading misconceptions. Continue reading The 50 Latest Coconut Oil Benefits Backed By Science

7 Habits That Are Making You Unhappy

By Luke Miller, Truth Theory

Sometimes it is less what we do, and more what we don’t do that has the biggest impact on our lives.

Happiness; something that everyone wants to find in some form, yet elusive enough that many never really find the deep level of satisfaction that they crave. Often we go for everything that surrounds the potential happiness, instead of just going direct to the source. This often leads to immense suffering.

There are many “things” in the world, yet none of those “things” will actually bring us anywhere closer to our desires. It is feelings that we need, and feelings are created by experiences and mindset. Continue reading 7 Habits That Are Making You Unhappy

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