Wes Annac Interviews – Eric Dweller: “Spiritual Awakening Should Be Embraced”

“Wes Annac Interviews” is an interview-based series I created to give the spotlight to fellow seekers who aren’t well-known in the conscious circles.

I think every seeker should be empowered; should be given a voice to express themselves and how they feel about various aspects of our unfolding evolution and our construction of a new, utopian society. The purpose of this series is to do just that – provide a voice for everyone out there who has something important to say.

All of this series’ interviews are recorded and transcribed into articles.

In this interview, I talk with an old friend from high school, who’s chosen to speak under the pseudonym “Eric Dweller”. Like me, he’s been on an intense path of spiritual awakening since our days at school, and he has a lot of personal revelations to share with us.

We started the conversation by talking about astral travel, but as you’ll see, we veered off into various other subjects.

Wes Annac: Hey everybody, this is Wes Annac from The Culture of Awareness and Oversoul Teachings, and I’m here today talking with my good friend Eric Dweller, who’s going to share some of his knowledge about astral travel with us.

Now, I’ve had my own experiences astral traveling – I practice visualization, which is sort of an attempted perception of the fourth dimension. I’m wondering if you’ve had any experiences that are similar to that.

Eric Dweller: Well, astral travel has been around for a really long time, and with astral travel you can really go just about anywhere you imagine. Some people have claimed to have went to Europa, which is an ancient [moon] that has what they think is ‘alien’ fish inside, according to National Geographic.

WA: Really? Very interesting.

ED: I always wonder if that’s not really where they originally found [the fish]. NASA, you know, they drop some interesting things.

WA: Yes, I know NASA suppresses a lot of interesting things.

ED: Oh, exactly. There’s always some secrets out there – secrets they don’t want you to know.

WA: I’ve seen pictures of lizards on mars that they try to cover up, but people are growing in awareness every day, you know, these truths can’t be suppressed for long.

ED: Well, everything anyone’s ever thought of actually exists. It all goes into, really, into an inter-dimension. It’s all in oneself, essentially. The way is through the pineal gland, however you want to look at it.

WA: Absolutely. So what have your experiences been like with astral travel and the utilization of the pineal gland as the portal some seekers have come to recognize it as?

ED: Well, it depends on what you mean by ‘portal’. A lot of people use magic to open portals. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist actually has, I guess you could say, hypothesized on the idea that you can actually open up an alternate reality, externally as well as internally.

There’s many different ways to open up portals.

WA: Maybe the internal way is the best way to go.

ED: Yes, it’s much safer. You can explore yourself – your entire id, ego and super-ego all at once, and it’s actually a very humbling experience. You actually have to face all of your personal demons, and as long as you can make peace with them and have love in your heart, that’s all you really need is love, you know.

As cliché as it may sound, it’s cliché for a reason.

WA: Oh yes, yes. Everything has its greater purpose, even if it seems cliché.

Have your astral travel experiences given you any greater ability to handle the personal demons that have held you and plenty of other seekers back in the past?

ED: It’s given me a synthetic way of looking at ‘demons’. Instead of externally, which is sort of the traditional or the archaic look at it where it’s on the outside coming at us, I would say it’s in our genetics – that we can access our genes through fasting, through vitamins, through different kinds of consciousness expansion.

WA: There are a lot of things we can do.

ED: There’s no reason for it to be unnatural. I mean, you can get to that plane of existence – I like to refer to it as the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is very real. I think of it as the merger of religion and spirituality; absolute science and atheism. I think they can come together.

WA: And the fourth dimension is where it’s going to happen. The ascension-related beliefs we’ve talked about that a lot of people who are part of the conscious community support express the idea that we’re traveling through the fourth dimension right now as we become aware and use our awareness to help others.

ED: Well, we have to realize that time itself is an illusion. It doesn’t actually exist. It only holds relativity to those who are on a specific clock or really worried. Once you completely remove anxiety, then you’re truly free to explore those realms, I would say. You find synchronicity.

WA: You open up to a deeper and clearer aspect of yourself and, from my own visualization exercises – because I used to lead visualization-based exercises for the newsletter, and the subscribers and I went on a lot of different journeys to a lot of different places.

We used our blessing abilities as lightworkers, and we basically perceived a lot of higher fourth-dimensional realms (and just general fourth-dimensional realms) and tried to penetrate the barrier between us and even greater realms.

ED: It’s very important to realize [that] the standard realm, that’s concrete – the physical/material world – I would say the physical and spiritual realms go hand in hand.

WA: Everything is one. What we perceive in our external reality is composed of the same matter that lives within, which we perceive when we astral travel; when we make an effort to visualize the higher states of consciousness that we’re returning to – gradually yet maybe rapidly if more of us wake up.

ED: For those of us who wake up, I think – I strongly believe – it’s our concrete mission to wake everyone else up and free minds. Because our minds are always at war, you know, there’s always the cynic within and the mystic within and you can merge the two.

WA: And that’s what a lot of awakening seekers who are traversing the path of ascension/enlightenment are starting to task themselves with doing, and I know I’m one of them. I tend to falter along the path at times, but my growing perception of spirit tends to strengthen and empower me in, really, an unprecedented way.

It really helps me get through the bad and decrease or transcend my perception of the evil that exists and runs rampant on this world, however badly it does run rampant. I’m still able to be on my own cloud but have my feet on the ground. You know?

ED: And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

A lot of people, traditionally, in the modern world, feel that that is psychotic behavior – that it should be shunned – when in all reality, it’s a healing process. Whenever you’re having a spiritual awakening, it’s not psychotic. It’s something that should be embraced to its fullest and contained within and seen as a friend rather than a foe.

I think of life itself as, really, a big trip. It’s one big trip from point A to point B, and of course, there’s a lot of bumps along the way, but that’s the fun part. There’s dimensions; there’s shades, you know, there’s all the things there should be to make great art.

People think that art and talent just fall from the sky, and they don’t – maybe it does for some people.

WA: Some people who’ve tapped into that flow.

ED: If you can tap in, that should be your guide.

WA: You act as the conduit for its expression – in this case, it’s the expression of the higher self. I’m sure astral travel actually helps a lot with that because you hone your greater perception.

ED: Well, I see three planes: there’s the mind, body, and I see the soul itself as being the dream world.

WA: But that dream world, in reality, is the real world and this physical matter we’re immersed in is the illusion. But, to the ordinary person, that’s the dream out there. ‘Oh, don’t believe in that. Don’t give your perception to that. Focus on this!’

ED: We have to realize, everyone has their own reality. Everyone has their own, and we should take care of each other. Because everyone has the same trouble, and it’s one trouble.

WA: But it manifests in so many different ways in an effort to appear real to each individual, when in reality, it’s just the same illusory issue.

ED: It’s not default, either. It’s a taught trouble. Because we’re never taught hate or negativity from within. It comes from outside.

WA: We learn it from society.

ED: The sociological pressure can actually be neurologically seen on the brain as grey matter, actually, in people who are diagnosed schizophrenic; people who are bipolar; people who have anxiety disorders. It’s all the same problem.

WA: It’s just classified and labeled in different ways because that’s how humans are.

We rigidly try to label and understand these mental conditions and what we call ‘diseases’, when really, we don’t even know what we’re doing! We haven’t even barely tapped into the greater truths; the greater mysteries; the greater revelations that exist regarding mental illnesses – things like schizophrenia.

ED: Oh yeah. I see schizophrenia personally as just the awakening.

WA: Perhaps it’s a stage to the awakening.

ED: And you can get out of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia can be cured – naturally.

WA: All you need is an understanding of your ability to psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, maybe even physically flip that switch, and if you need to, maybe keep it off.

ED: With some science – now, you can’t be relentless [with] science and say that everything’s cold, everything’s mechanical. Naturally mechanical – I see it personally that humans are organic machines and that if we lose touch with our organic side, that’s when we truly give up.

WA: And that’s the problem – one of many problems – all of the unnatural foods these corporations are pushing on us. In so many cases, we’re eating genetically modified foods that have proven to put golf ball sized tumors in rats. This stuff is in the vast majority of American food, and in so many other countries, they don’t even accept it.

Not even a little bit. ‘You’ll go to jail if you put that stuff in our food’. But in America, it’s everywhere – because they want to cut us off from our organic side.

They want to stop the development of our spiritual abilities. They want to cut us off from that natural essence; that natural center where we can practice astral travel, meditation, channeling, so many different divine abilities and practices. They want to cut us off from it – but it’s all futile.

ED: Exactly. Anyone who talks or speaks their mind in this country, that’s allegedly free, is suppressed. We’re a so-called country of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet we suppress it more than any country, other than maybe North Korea.

WA: Right. We have a lot of freedoms in this country, but we have a lot of suppression; a lot of things we’re not being told. There’s so much going on.

ED: It’s up to the individual to stay the individual. Individuality is philosophically a struggle, but it can be achieved in its purest form when we realize that we ourselves have freewill and freedom of choice together. And we always will, as long as we remember there’s no [pharmaceutical] drug that can take that away.

As long as you can remember that and you have good people, I would say a support network around you when you’re troubled, that’s all you really need. And most of all – you cannot put love in a pill. It’s tactile. A hug is something that’s so foreign to us; I’d say we’re closer to alien life than we are hugs.

WA: It is pretty sad, isn’t it?

ED: My main concern with the consciousness of our society is that we’re becoming more and more technological. We’re becoming more and more assimilated with the machine rather than the individual or the human. Our understanding is a lost art.

They can’t teach us in school how to understand each other; how to psychologically get along.

WA: Absolutely not, they teach us how to be divided based on outer appearances.

ED: Because from division comes control.

WA: Like we were talking about earlier, whenever we’re divided – not only within but without, where we’re divided against each other – the people who are really suppressing spirituality; suppressing knowledge of their own misdeeds against humanity, they get to just continue on behind a veil of their own creation that most people buy into because of that division.

And it’s sad, but that’s why we’re here – to stop it and help people see a new way.

ED: Certainly. That’s something else I would name as an issue. I know I’ve been hammering on issues a lot –

WA: Oh no, that’s okay. That’s very much what this culture is about, raising awareness of issues that are important.

ED: I would say there’s a bias on this male domination, that any type of emotion is seen as a weakness. There’s this sort of ‘macho man’ mentality – ‘machismo’ if you will, that plagues [mainstream] culture like a virus.

WA: I couldn’t agree more. And it’s been plaguing mainstream culture. How long has the male stereotype been around? Hundreds of years.

ED: Capitalism thrives on stereotypes. It can’t live without stereotypes.

WA: It thrives on it, and that’s why people are trying to keep it in motion through the media.

ED: Well, in my findings – my recent dream psychology research, as well as astral projection, transcendental meditation, any kind of meditation, I’ve [learned] that Carl Jung, a very famous psychologist, did a lot of LSD and psychedelics and he explored what Freud refused to explore.

Sigmund Freud was of course known as the staple of modern psychology, and he came up with the idea of the ‘super ego’, which is where we all, as humans, keep our database of knowledge – our inner guide, if you will, or inner deity, or whatever we so choose it to be.

The ego is our social, functioning mind and the id is just an inner voice. (1)

Freud was actually not that grumpy, but he was uptight – he didn’t see [psychedelic] substances as a psychological builder. That’s where my hero, Carl Jung, stepped in.

You should look into him – he came up with dream interpretation based on some of these psychedelic experiences. They were protégés, he and Freud, and they bounced some of these ideas off of each other and figured out how people really work, scientifically, but in those studies emerges religion; superstition; the supernatural; whatever you want to call it.

Spiritual, together with the organic machine that makes the human brain.

WA: A lot of people have a lot of different opinions about the role of psychedelics in humanity’s higher-dimensional development. It can be [positive] based on your perspective – I can’t say I have any interest in psychedelics, but they have contributed a lot to not only our spiritual but our greater scientific understanding.

They’ve contributed a lot for people who were willing to venture beyond that border by using these substances – some of which are natural and are intended to break that barrier and help one find a greater perception and some of which aren’t – but these things have helped humanity understand the higher dimensions because of the work of the people they’ve inspired.

They have been helpful, even if a lot of people wouldn’t want to take them for their own reasons, which is totally understandable.

ED: It’s not for everyone – nothing is for everyone. Other than love, I would say. This is what I’ve gotten from my entire trip here on earth.

WA: I couldn’t agree more. Well thank you very much, Eric, for talking with me. This has been a great interview/article/whatever you want to call it.

ED: Oh yeah, anytime.

WA: Glad to hear, we’ll definitely do this again.


I think this turned out to be a pretty good ‘interview’. Clearly, Eric and I ventured far beyond the subject of astral travel, and in any potential future interviews, I’ll try to keep the discussion less general and more focused on specific issues. This was my first time ever ‘interviewing’ anyone, but I think it went alright. Thanks for tuning in!


  1. I did a little research on the ‘id’ after talking with Eric and learned that it’s basically the aspect of our ego that craves ceaseless physical pleasure/stimulation. It’s apparently an unconscious, ego-driven ‘voice’ that doesn’t contain any inherent love or spiritual understanding – only the desire to please the senses.
    Were we to constantly give in to the demands of the ‘id’, we’d find that we become very materialistic and turned to gluttony and every other form of sense-stimulation, ignoring our spiritual nature in favor of the physical realm.For more information, see “Id, Ego and Super-Ego” at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id,_ego_and_super-ego

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