Taking Back the All-Seeing Eye

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

For centuries, the planetary elite have used the all-seeing eye as a way to subconsciously plant their warped spiritual beliefs into the rest of the world. They’ve hidden their reign over humanity out in the open with endless symbolism, and the all-seeing eye, which represents and acts as a gateway to other realms, seems to be one of their favorite symbols.

The all-seeing eye is a very real portal to the other side, and it’s believed that centuries ago, the ancient Egyptians were visited by an advanced extraterrestrial collective known simply as ‘Ra’ who instilled the spiritual teachings of the ‘Law of One’.  Put simply, the Law of One is the universal Law that proclaims the oneness of every conscious being as aspects of the Infinite Creator.

The all-seeing eye represents our entrance into a higher state of consciousness and our welcoming of a unity-based new order of ages, and leaders of ancient Egypt are believed to have preserved, and subsequently distorted, these valuable teachings for themselves.

The result is a Luciferian order of elite families who’ve intelligently but self-servingly gained control over the most important aspects of society by way of a dystopian financial system that serves them and mooches off of the people.

Middle and lower class families are left in the dust to try and survive while a handful of people siphon more wealth than they’ll ever need, and the elite unflinchingly feed off of the rest of humanity – physically, spiritually, and financially.

The elite are falling, but their influence has been immense for centuries and their distorted belief systems have driven them to control humanity in hidden but blatant ways. The ‘Illuminati’ as they’ve been called seek a greater state of spiritual awareness with dark rituals that inflict such a heavy level of abuse that one’s consciousness transcends physicality altogether.

They’ve also been known to use abuse to plant artificial personas or beliefs in their victims, effectively controlling their minds.

This stands in stark contrast to Ra’s teachings that the freewill of every soul be honored universally, and because of the elite’s distortion of the belief system they came here to introduce, Ra is believed to actively assist humanity in evolving from the other side.

The result of genuinely positive and helpful teachings has been a concerted, pre-planned social decline that falls on the lower and middle classes as the elite experience an unnecessary level of wealth and lavishness.

What most people don’t understand is that our society’s downturn has always been coordinated with the intent of introducing a ‘new world order’ that entailed enslavement of a dismal population (after ‘cleansing’ the rest) and was meant to happen around the era Ra taught that collective spiritual enlightenment would take place.

The elite have done everything they can to introduce the ‘end times’, but instead of their plans succeeding, humanity is poised to experience an apparently gradual evolution through the fourth dimension and into the fifth. This isn’t just some fluffy theory that sounds good – our physical and spiritual evolution has been planned and prophesized throughout the ages.

The plan for humanity’s evolution has been symbolically depicted in various ancient civilizations, as have revelations of the original Egyptian contact with Ra and other civilizations’ encounters with ancient astronauts decked out in what could only be described as ancient spacesuits.

The positive forces beyond the veil are working to remind us about the sacred, higher-dimensional teachings that have been distorted by the Illuminati. We have the right to know the truths of our existence, and one of those truths is the existence of the visible, etheric gateway to the other side that’s been referred to as the all-seeing eye.

I’ve seen the all-seeing eye in some of my deepest meditations, and it usually appears in one of three forms: on open eye blinking merrily, a triangle bringing through glittered and colored energy, or a simple circular energetic bleed-through.

We travel through this gateway to reach the other side, and personally, perceiving it has unlocked a greater refinement in the etheric energy I feel in meditation. I feel as if I’ve reached the land of milk and honey when I travel through it, and any of you who’ve been through it will understand when I say that the experience is indescribable.

Try as I might, I don’t think I can find words to explain what happens when one perceives and moves through the all-seeing eye in meditation. The energy comes through in the form of beautiful and intricate colors, and eventually, ‘solid’ yet transparent shapes and figures also begin to fill one’s perceptive landscape.

It’s a blissful experience, and every time I attain it, I feel motivated to practice getting there as much as possible. The all-seeing eye is a beautiful thing that helps us perceive the unexplainable wonders of a higher state of consciousness, and it disappoints me to see it used for evil.

I recognize that the Illuminati’s belief systems have been purposely distorted from genuine spiritual teachings about the sacred laws of existence, but I still think it’s unfortunate that such a beautiful symbol has grown to be associated with such a level of evil and self-service.

We have yet to understand just how important the all-seeing eye is to our evolution, and I plan to embrace this sacred symbol – not because I agree with the Illuminati’s twisted beliefs, but because I want to take it back in the name of the light.

Fellow seekers, let’s reclaim this and every other sacred symbol that’s been distorted and turned into something bad, because it’s essential that we break the programming the elite have worked so hard to fog our perception with.

All of humanity will understand the all-seeing eye’s significance to our spiritual development in due time, and until then, I plan to keep making this symbol a part of my reality and my work. I think I’ll do the forces who’ve teachings have been distorted a justice by embracing this symbolic gateway, and I welcome you to embrace it in the name of the light as well.

We can turn the all-seeing eye back into the positive symbol for our impending evolution it’s meant to be, and the next time we see it on a dollar bill or in a movie or television show, we can reinforce our knowledge that it’s meant to represent the light and not the dark.

Try as they might to stay afloat, the elite can’t and won’t last. The will of the people to expose them and embrace a new way of life that rejects their control is causing their inevitable downfall, and lately, they’ve been madly scattering symbolism about in a last ditch attempt to advertise themselves before their ultimate exposure.

I’ve seen the all-seeing eye placed in movies as far back as the 50s, and I’m sure plenty of works of ‘art’ were made before that time which symbolized the Luciferian monarchy they’ve built.

This monarchy is falling now, and as long as the conscious public keeps at our efforts to raise our consciousness and see beyond the dark’s tricks, we’ll greet their downfall with detached joy and work to build the society of our dreams.

The elite have no influence in the future we’re creating, and we can set our sights on the things that need done to repair our planet and society as we speak up about issues that are close to our hearts. Having experienced the all-seeing eye in the incredible ways I have, I feel passionate about standing up for it and proclaiming its importance to our evolution.

Wes Annac – Reinventing symbolism that’s been given a bad name.

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7 thoughts on “Taking Back the All-Seeing Eye”

  1. Greetings Dear Wes
    the Cabal Hi-jacked ,,& stole the symbol of the “”All Seeing eye””-enclosed within a triangle &– placed at a top portion of there Pyramid—
    from Indeed,,,,a Very,,,Very ,,,Very,, Ancient ~Symbol
    ~~~ Having Originated from the Arcturians– & Eye of Arcturus–
    the- Aructurans are also known as the — Elohim Angels- & were the original Co-Creator essence becoming the *** Originators of Sources Creation***– holders of Multiple forms of Love & Light-***
    -coming directly from Source…
    as my Role & mission holding Divine Love & light — Which i ground from Father Mother God– I am a Elohai Elohim ,,, & from a Family of -Arcturian Starseeds
    Perhaps have you noticed ? …that my email address has 333s — did you know that 333s=
    are part of the–Original– All seeing Eye—that you are sorry to see misused–!
    (& the 333s of Arcturus –are deleted from the Cabal Pyramid Symbol–for Lucifarian–Negative Regressive–New World Order_)
    However my friend–
    Those 333s are also positioned directly under,neath the”” Eye of Arcturus”,, The Eye
    being -placed at upper- top portion –within the “”Golden Triangle “” –Symbol for Aucturus-
    & 333s placed underneath it–
    and i would like to clarify that–the “”Eye of Aructurus”” as you mention– is also known as the__ All Seeing eye of GOD __ at the veil__(Which the Elohim protect & watch over)
    I am Indeed,,,Fortunate to have a Most Wonderful Elohim friend– one who is at One-ness __and Unity with the–
    All seeing Eye of God–
    for that –IS—-what she Is—,,& What she does ~!
    Her name is Elohim Cyclopia,,she lives in my Heart Space– i Love her dearly~! & I hope she sees this ~!~!
    Joining with all my Star Familys-Guides & Mentors-being- “” ALL”” who read this– reside in My Heart–& Same as They reside within Your Heart Space– & Everyones,
    ,as well–
    For we are All Share-“”One Heart””— Expressing “”One Universal Love”” while,,,Living in Unity of Oneness
    Please do respond back
    -and will will attach back to you –from my sacred archives the Arcturian Star Symbol
    containing with in–The Eye of the One–watching over All of Prime Creators–Creation Sorry i could not attach it here–
    May you have a wonderful day—-Best Regards— sending you
    my Eternal Love & Light,,,
    ,Namaste Captain Bruce Lewis


    1. Thank you for sharing this information, Bruce, and the higher vibration encoded into it. What you’re saying here certainly makes sense!

      Much Love 🙂


  2. Apologies re delay in responding /enquiring about the above article. …but as with everything ..timing is …perfectly “timed”to “by chance read an article “affiliated to something leading to my question if anyone could kindly assist…..?
    For min. of the past 5 years I have caught myself reading numbers 111,222,444 etc..long before it got media recognition ‘of sorts’..but off recent I have been “receiving “(for lack of a better word )333 it comes and goes soo fluidly that I completely forget it happening. .except it happened today and reading this article “brought a freeze frame “I may be wafting here (possibly because I am lost in..comprehension but I am a supposed Lemurian and it definitely resonates (Lemuria )….are there possibly any connections to you ?your article. .?why is my heart pounding with excitement as I scribble this poosible nonsense ?any clarification would be deeply appreciated. .much love Vanessa Neary.


    1. Hey Vanessa! You aren’t alone in noticing synchronicity in numbers everywhere, I’ve also noticed them in abundance for the past few years. I couldn’t say whether they have to do with Lemuria or any past lives, but I definitely think they’re an indication that we’re ‘tuning in’ to our higher consciousness, so to speak. For me, they seem to confirm when I’m on the right track. I hope you discover their significance for you in relation to your possible origins. 🙂


  3. I have also seen the all seeing eye many times. It started for me about 2 years ago. I saw it in the triangle, with the flames around it and in such beauty and splendor. Since then I have seen it more and more and am coming to understand that it is a gift, not just a sign. When one see’s the eye it is a promise that they will see and know more than before. If we take the promise to God and allow Him to teach us how to use it, then our awareness is opened up and we begin to “see” all things. We can be “at-one” with God and allow Him to show us all things but this takes training and understanding. When we are not clean enough to do this without pain or distortion then the experience can be a frightening one. As we get clean of our own fears, perceptions, favorite beliefs and cherished outcomes then we see what God wants us to see in all things and begin to know truth on all levels. This is what I am being taught anyway.


  4. Ive seen the eye im a Christian and was experiencing some evil things and towarss the end of my experience i stared into a light and it appeared blinking once but i looked away in fear i believe it was god because i began to fill with strength and courage i thinl about everyday



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