Steve Beckow: Awareness as the Mechanism of the Relief We Seek

AwarenessBy Steve Beckow (Editor-in-Chief, Golden Age of Gaia)

The predominant paradigm of the Third Dimension is called empirical materialism. It holds that only what we can sense with our physical faculties is real.

Who we are according to it is this body we wear. This life we’re born into is all there is. There are no other dimensions of reality, no other universes, and nothing else but time and space.

In this paradigm, awareness is a function of the senses. We’re aware of what we see, hear, touch, feel, etc.

Thought is a function of our brain. When Rene Descartes said “I think; therefore I am,” that was a radical statement in its day.

Somehow thought, in the paradigm of empirical materialism, has gotten an honorary membership in the Club of Real. I don’t think empirical materialists know quite what to do with it and so it mostly hasn’t been dealt with by them, only by “New Age” philosophers, very recently.

But in fact consciousness is all there is. Everything there is is built from consciousness.

I could also say built from love, as the Divine Mother did in a recent message: “Child, love is all there is. It is the fuel, the fiber, the substance, the essence of All.” (1) Love and consciousness are the same thing, much the same as if I said “human” and “body” to an empiricist.

Every human has a body, in their frame of reference. No body; no human.

Well, in the same way, no consciousness, no love. No love, no consciousness.

Consciousness and love are like milk and its whiteness, fire and its power to burn. They’re ways of talking about the same thing, aspects of the One.

The person who realizes higher consciousness is filled with love. The person who’s filled with love realizes higher consciousness.

Let me now switch to calling consciousness awareness. I mean for them both to refer to the same thing: that which is the essence of life, the body of God, so to speak.

Because we’ve listened so long to empiricists, we have no idea of the attributes of awareness. We associate it with the sense organs and reduce it to a function of them. But awareness cannot be so reduced.

If and when we try to reduce awareness in such a way, we lose important characteristics of it. Awareness doesn’t care. It’s always there, waiting for us to wake up to it.

The most important characteristic that we lose, and this is why I’m writing this article, is the power of awareness to dissolve. Just as paint remover removes paint, awareness dissolves our knots in consciousness.

Why else would so many spiritual masters sit quietly in bare awareness for so many hours of a day?

It dissolves pain. It dissolves regret. It dissolves anxiety. Any emotion known to us dissolves in the presence of simple awareness, leading spiritual teachers to say: “This too will pass.” All things arise in consciousness or awareness. They persist for a while. And then they pass.

And the more that we can regard our feelings with simple, bare and pure awareness, the faster they pass.

So the purpose of saying all this is to recommend to us, who are clearing so much in this phase of things, to allow that which we need to clear to simply rest in our awareness. Allow it to dissolve into the awareness from which it came. I need to hear this as much as you may.

I invite us to change our thinking about awareness and see it, or its flipside as love, as the thing that will raise our blocks to consciousness and dissolve them.

Yes, the Company of Heaven is working overtime to take away our pain as fast as it arises. But the tool, the implement, the mechanism that we always have, that never leaves us, and delivers the relief we seek is now and always will be simple awareness.


(1) The Divine Mother in Union & ReUnion, Council of Love Annual Gathering, Oct. 3-5, 2014, Lake Tahoe, Calif., 2014, 7.


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