Creativity Feeds the Soul

By Wes Annac

I think creativity and the transformation of consciousness have more in common than most people think. My fellow creative minds probably know what I mean, and we feel like something’s missing if we aren’t hard at work.

It’s as if creativity feeds the soul.

Writers don’t feel complete if they don’t write every day. Musicians feel a hole in their heart if they don’t play every day.

Creativity and spiritual awakening seem intertwined, and while some people’s spiritual practices have nothing to do with creativity, others use it to expand their consciousness and share the good vibes.

As a writer with an interest in music, I can attest that these two creative outlets feed the soul in a way that few other things can. While they take time away from meditation, exploring nature and other soul-nourishing activities, they’re nourishing enough by themselves to make up the difference.

I’m not saying we’ll discover the secrets of God or the universe by playing music or writing articles, but since these outlets require us to look within and bring what we find into the physical world, you could say they bridge the gap between our inner and outer reality.

Few things will require you to look as deep into your own mind, heart and soul as writing or music, and while one can get caught up in the ego game if they seek fame and riches above all else, those who create for the purpose of expanding their consciousness will likely be able keep the ego under control.

Creativity teaches us how to bring the mind under the direction of the heart and use it instead of being used by it.

If God, the universe, etc. sees that we’re using music, writing or another creative outlet to uplift people, the life lessons we’d learn elsewhere will be shifted to these outlets so we can continue to be challenged and learn what we need about ourselves, our ego or anything else.


The manner in which we learn from life depends on how we choose to live, and if we decide to be creative for a living, we’ll learn the same types of lessons we would’ve learned if we chose something else.

In every case, the challenges and lessons are tailor-made to fit what we’re doing.

No writer, musician, poet or painter is free from challenges, and life is a constant learning experience for the creative individual. Especially when they experience writer’s block, they’re always pushed to be innovative and try things from a new angle.

It not only helps them deal with adversity, but keeps their work fresh and encourages new, more unique creations.

Sometimes, my biggest challenge to be inspired enough to keep writing every day. However, it helps me to know that if my commitment starts to wane, I’ll grow distant from my creative side and feel noticeably worse.

It isn’t a physical or emotional feeling; it’s a feeling in the mind and heart that something isn’t right.

It’s a feeling that something is missing, and the moment I resume being creative, I see that it’s what I needed. The more dedicated I am, the better I seem to feel. Nothing feels better than living with purpose and knowing that we’re helping to raise consciousness, and this feeling is available for all who make an effort.

I’ll conclude this by giving my opinion that creativity comes mainly from the heart, and if we don’t love what we do, we won’t get much out of it. Our readers, viewers or listeners won’t either, because underneath the surface, we’re all looking for love and we can feel whether or not a piece of art contains it.

To have love is to be aligned with the Divine Mother – the greatest creative force in existence that essentially is love. When we’re aligned with the Mother, there’s nothing we can’t do or create.

For all you fellow writers, musicians, artists, painters, poets, actors and awakeners of mankind, keep up the great work. You’re serving humanity’s evolution in ways you might not understand yet, and if we can keep moving, we can finally start to turn this planet around.

Our generation will create rather than destroy and heal rather than cause physical and spiritual sickness.

We’ll do it with the power of creativity, and we’ll invite everyone to come on board because we all need to contribute. How we contribute is up to us, and when you find your passion, I’d recommend pursuing it because the world needs you.


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