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Tap into the Source

By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

There is a Source of energy, inspiration, and abundance we can all tap into, but we have to be aware of it first. It’s here waiting patiently for us to realize it exists, but until we can be open to it, it’ll sit at the edge of our perception and guide our lives without us knowing.

It’s difficult to become aware of something you can’t initially see, feel or sense, but the more you’re open to this Source, the more it reveals itself.

When it comes to spiritual terminology, I tend to use different labels to define the same things. For example: to me, there’s no difference between the higher self, higher consciousness, and the Source. There are differences for other people, but to me, they’re all constructs that help us conceptualize higher states of consciousness and the idea of a creator.

Despite that they all originate in the human mind, we can use them to connect with a higher power through meditation and other spiritual activities.

A Tangible Connection

As I mentioned, the hardest thing about being open to the Source is the lack of solid proof of its existence you seem to receive at first.

You might attempt to clear your mind and be open to it only to find that you don’t feel any different and you’re stuck with the same nagging thoughts. You might have no way to relate to the idea of higher states of consciousness, because the meditative experience has not yet swept you off your feet.

The good news is that once you do attain that feeling, you’ll have a solid understanding of all that spiritual jargon you may have heard or read on the internet. Your connection with the Source will be something definable you can experience at will; not with the physical senses, but with the higher spiritual faculties you’ll begin to develop.

It’s great to have a way to define the meditative experience, and until you go through it, spiritual concepts will seem like nonsense. Some of those concepts will become clear when the meditative state is achieved and your connection with the Source becomes an undeniable part of your life.

Connect Through Love

The best way I can advise connecting with the Source is not through daily meditation, but love. This too might sound vague if you’ve never experienced meditation, which makes the role of love – in life and the evolution of the soul – much clearer.

Love is the key to connecting with the Source, because without it, we lose all the qualities that make us human and spiritual beings. A calm mind is essential for anyone who wants to connect with true love, because if the mind isn’t calm, the continuous thoughts that prevent meditation will crowd it and distance you from a state where you can love or care about others. Approaching life with a spark of enthusiasm also helps.

The Source Has No End

We can bring a powerhouse of positive energy into physical form by living and working from the heart, and our connection with the Source will become more evident as we begin to approach life from this perspective. We’ll realize that while there are ways we can temporarily increase our connection, it’s always available and requires nothing more than a little joy and openness.

The interesting thing about the Source is that it has no end; you plunge deeper and deeper into it, illuminating life’s greatest mysteries along the way.

The learning, evolving, and experiencing of deeper states of unity are continuous, and most of us have yet to dig deeper or learn its most profound secrets. It’ll happen one day, but for now, I’m happy with what’s revealed to me little by little in each moment.

The presence of this Source, which modern religion inaccurately considers a human-like God, will become more evident as you take your first steps on the path of spiritual evolution. This path will test you more than any other challenge in life, but it won’t seem so bad when you’re overwhelmed with meditative bliss and eager to share your awakening with the world.

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