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By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness & Openhearted Rebel

Picking up from a recent article, I find that the desire to write about meaningful topics brings with it the desire to challenge myself. Writing the same things over and over is easy, but it’s become uncomfortable.

I plan to write about more interesting and challenging topics, even if it means increasing my research or sacrificing long articles for articles of a higher quality.

I could churn out over 800 words in a single article, but lately, I find shorter articles more necessary and preferable. Thus, I’ve reduced the number for the sake of quality and, in doing so, found that writing shorter articles can be difficult.

The Challenge Is Worth It

I enjoy using a lot of words to share my thoughts on a topic, and I often feel that writing a shorter article is akin to rushing it. The result isn’t always what I expect, and fitting everything into a shorter frame is challenging. The challenge is worth it to me, however, because I intend to improve my writing.

Improvement is impossible if you don’t accept that it’s a struggle. In overcoming the struggle, you can take the next step and embrace the challenges that await there.

If you’re a writer or composer, your challenge could be writer’s block. You could have no new ideas or have trouble expressing the ones you do have. If that’s the case, don’t be quick to be discouraged. Sit with the blockage and work through it.

Stare at the paper blankly for half an hour if you must; but accept every grueling moment of the challenge. Remember that it won’t always be this difficult and take the struggle in stride. Before you know it, your reward will come.

Challenges are unappealing, but they can be fun if you stop ignoring or resisting them and accept that they’re a part of life. They automatically become a little easier and more enjoyable when you’re open to them. Instead of stressing you out, they encourage you to approach life with an open heart and a resilient mind that’s willing to take on adversity.

Participating in Your Evolution

You participate in your evolution by challenging yourself to achieve new things. Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, challenging yourself and trying something new will help you learn, grow, and become a better person.

I’ll use writing as an example again. The only way to improve is to write often, and writing in different, more challenging ways will help you stay dedicated and improve your talent. As your writing evolves, you will too. Generating new ideas will be easier, because you’ll be inspired and your creative juices will flow.

After succeeding at your first few challenges, you’ll be more willing to try new things. Tackling the mountainous obstacles in the way of prolific writing, for example, might inspire you to try music. The challenges inherent in writing will have prepared you for those inherent in music. Thus, you’ll be more invested in the latter knowing that to struggle with it is natural.

Great Things Await

I’ve learned in my short time as a writer that when you struggle, something great is usually right around the corner. But you must pursue it.

Every time I’ve wanted to give up, I’ve returned to the keyboard and kept going. Each time, I found the breakthrough I needed by embracing the challenges that made me want to quit. Every time I push a little harder and refuse to let the pressure stop me, the pressure drops. Breakthroughs materialize. The hard work pays off.

This can happen for you if you go after your passion with everything you’ve got and let your struggles not only test, but entertain you. Enjoy them.

You’re sure to soar if you accept the challenges that come with your passion, refuse to give up, and love your work. If you can accept the hard times and create your own challenges when none exist, you’ll be inspired by what used to defeat you. Use that inspiration as fuel for your evolution.

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