Music: The Language of Spirit – Part 5

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t know about any of you, but for me, music doesn’t get really good until I play continuously. It’s a great way to uplift the spirit no matter how much we play, but to get the most out of it, it seems like we have to stay dedicated enough to keep practicing until we really feel the magic flowing from it.

I’m sure most conscious musicians who constantly play are able to harness the magic that lives in music, and don’t get me wrong – you can harness that magic either way. Like all things, however, music doesn’t seem to really come alive until we play it so much that it becomes a part of us.

Music and silence have always been sacred, inalienable parts of us, but in order to experience or understand this truth in a realer way, we have to keep exploring them.

We have to explore the silence of the sacred self.

We have to explore the incredible things we can do with music and the boundless states of consciousness it introduces us to. We have to commit to these important practices if we want to do anything significant with them, and the great thing about any form of meditation or creativity is that it gets easier with practice.

Meditation and creativity will eventually become constant, flowing aspects of our existence that we routinely use to uplift ourselves, and they can become constant now if we keep at them.

We might even start to require them to stay spiritually sustained, and I’m reaching a point where I have to embrace writing and music (and meditation to an extent) if I want that greater energy to keep flowing.


According to Sri Chinmoy, some people will apparently feel a tingling in their third eye when they play music. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a third eye opening, but it does indicate a potent form of awareness shining through.

When I play music, I feel a tingling around my third eye.

“That indicates an awakening. But this does not mean that your third eye is about to open. No. When you play most soulfully, an inner vision-light will come to the fore. Vision is within you, yet it is dormant. But now it wants to function properly; it does not want to sleep anymore.

“So inner vision is starting to operate. The vision of the third eye is trying to come to the fore, and that is why you are getting that sensation. It is a very good experience.” (1)

I usually feel my third eye tingling when I eat vegetables (carrots especially), but I haven’t felt it tingle during music. I’ve felt plenty of uplifting sensations, but I might not have practiced enough yet to feel the more intense ones.

I can attest that music connects us with our inner vision if we keep practicing, and we’ll have to write a lot if we want to have enough songs to continuously practice. Something I love about music is that writing is a part of it but doesn’t solely constitute it, so we can use it to meditate and be creative.

We can play our hearts out until we’ve accessed the music’s deeper sensation if we’ve written enough songs, and when we run out of songs to play, we have yet another reason to be creative. It seems like a win-win situation for the spiritual seeker who feels driven to express themselves.

Sri Chinmoy describes the ‘soundless sound’ and why it’s important for the world to awaken to our inner realms.

What is the soundless sound, and can it serve as a bridge between the manifest and the unmanifest worlds?

“As it stands now the outer world is not at all aware of the inner world. So first the outer world has to be fully aware of the inner world, and then it has to listen to the blessingful dictates of the inner world.

“Then the soundless sound—which is now heard only by very, very few Truth-seekers and God-lovers—can be of divine service to mankind.

“It is an inner discovery. This discovery has to be brought to the fore, and for that the outer world has to be consciously awakened and devotedly accept the beauty and divinity of the inner world.” (2)


This ‘soundless sound’ carries a lot more power than any sound man has ever created, he tells us.

“The soundless sound is something real, absolutely real. But we hear it only in our highest realm of consciousness, or when we dive deep within and reach the inmost recesses of our heart. The soundless sound is infinitely, infinitely more powerful than any man-made sound.

“But up to now, it has been operating only in the inner world. So those who have a free access to the inner world can hear this sound. Not only do they derive tangible benefit from this sound, but it helps the seekers and God-lovers immensely in their self-giving life to God the Creator and God the creation.” (3)

The reason this sound is so much more powerful and intense than even the most spiritual sounds we can make on earth is because it isn’t earthly.

It doesn’t possess any of the qualities we’ve come to recognize in our limited perception of sound in these lower realms, and to access it, we have to embark on the quest of traveling deep within and evolving our consciousness.

We can explore it with music we want to embark on a slightly longer journey, but despite the trouble that some spiritual seekers have with routine meditation (including me), we might benefit from taking some time each day to practice it.

The hardest part about it for the active musician is that we’d have to take time away from our music to meditate, but if you think about it, they’re both pretty important.

It might be worth our time and energy to set our music aside for a small time and explore our consciousness, and meditation is a great way to connect with the inner voice and receive more creative inspiration.

Our meditations might enhance our music and give us a lot more inspiration than we would’ve had if we played without meditating, and like Sri Chinmoy said in one of our previous articles, music will get us where we want to go as long as we play divine music or play in accordance with meditation.


Meditation is a very real link with the higher state of consciousness some of us feel separate from. While music is also a potent way to access the spirit, I’m sure both of them combined would massively elevate our consciousness and put us in touch with our omnipotent creative force.

We separated from that force when we took on the illusory veil that seems to keep us apart from something that’s actually been with us all along, and only now are we realizing that we were mistaken in our assumption that spirit is some far off reality that we can’t consciously access.

I’ll wrap this up by sharing some short songs/poems written by Sri Chinmoy, which I found with the information we studied here.

Hopefully, these poems will affirm for all of you that creativity really is a great way to connect with the spirit and express the heartfelt inspiration that results, and not only does it uplift us – it can uplift everyone who comes across our work.

Not to mention that it connects us with the Divine Mother, who’s the ultimate creative source, and that alone is a reason to wholeheartedly embrace it.

O music of love,

From you I learn

The secret of closeness.

O music of will,

From you I learn

The secret of future creation.

O music of silence,

From you I learn

The secret of universal oneness.

O music of surrender,

From you I learn

The secret of cosmic perfection. (4)

How many songs have I sung?

How many more have I still to sing Here on earth?

Within and without I have been searching for myself

Through my songs.

With deep pangs my heart cries;

My self-form is not visible yet.

In the vast life-ocean,

I am floating all alone. (5)

You are nothing but beauty, eternal beauty,

Wherever I turn my eyes.

Do You always drink the nectar Of Your Self-Form

Residing in my eyes?

The waves of tune

And sweet and melodious songs

That create heart-elevating resonance,

O Beloved, do You hear them

By using my ears? (6)


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