“You Want a Teacher? Try Sitting by a Waterfall…”

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Lately, all I want to do is get out to nature. I can’t really describe the feeling that washes over you when you’re out there and you’re connected with the grass, bushes, flowers, tress, birds, insect life, etc. It’s a feeling of universal connectivity and oneness that can help you understand your place in the big picture, and for me at least, it provides an abundance of creative inspiration.

Nature gives us a feel for what it’s like to be connected with the earth on a deeper level, and depending on how often we go out there (and how quiet, in mind and spirit, we can be while we’re there), it can connect us with our higher consciousness in a more authentic way than meditating indoors.

Some spiritual seekers want to leave this third-dimensional world behind, and to them, the true treasure lies in their higher consciousness. They don’t think nature’s any more sacred than anything else that constitutes earthly reality, and they’re only interested in evolving away from this world and discovering what else is out there (or rather, within). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, and we have to embrace the things that mean the most to us.

If nature doesn’t help you on a soul level, then by all means, do what does help you.

Personally, it’s an intrinsic part of my spirituality. I think connecting with it is one of many ways we can connect with All That Is, and this world, as illusory and incomparable to a higher consciousness as it is, holds more spiritual treasure than we realize. The treasure is found primarily in nature, and this becomes apparent when we can get out there and meditate.

I appreciate the stance that the late great Terence McKenna took about nature, which is that it’s our best spiritual teacher. He advocated the use of natural entheogens, such as cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms (i.e. magic mushrooms) and DMT (which is usually brewed into the Ayahuasca potion) for the expansion of consciousness, and to him, these natural substances were/are the greatest teachers that give us access to something nobody on earth can fathom.

I’ve always enjoyed these famous words of his, which I’ll loosely quote:

“You want a teacher? Try eating a mushroom or sitting by a waterfall”.

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I agree that we can learn a lot by getting out to nature and finding some wonderful place like a waterfall to sit, meditate and connect with our higher consciousness. I’ve never tried mushrooms, DMT or the vast majority of other natural psychedelics (I think cannabis is a beneficial spiritual herb if used for the right purpose, and I’m pretty passionate about it), but I totally agree that nature has given us these things to teach us more about the realities beyond.

McKenna even went as far as to say that none of our living spiritual teachers know much about the actual higher state of consciousness that things like mushrooms or DMT help us access. I think we should give spiritual teachers a little more credit, because they really can help us connect with the enlightened Self, but I also think we should give nature more credit.

I’m sure plenty of spiritual teachers encourage us to get out to nature and meditate in a quiet spot, but McKenna felt that we give too much praise to spiritual teachers, incarnate or not, and not enough attention to the natural teachers the earth has placed here for us. Again, it comes back to doing what works for you. If spiritual teachers help you, then you should definitely let them guide you. If not, maybe look to nature to see if you can learn a thing or two.

My point is that perhaps we should embrace our reality and the realms beyond our comprehension, because this world is just as much a part of creation as any higher state of consciousness.

Not to mention that the earth does everything for us. It feeds us, provides us with materials to build homes (and entire cities and societies), and if you believe in the spiritual potential of natural psychedelics, you could even say it’s our greatest spiritual teacher. For this and plenty of other reasons, I don’t think I can stay away from nature anymore.

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Even when it’s unbearably hot outside, I want to get out and connect with the natural world. I want to let it, along with my own inner tools (like meditation), teach me more about this existence and the higher realms, and I no longer want to resist the lessons that nature or life in general have for me.

I’m itching to get outside, write a lot, meditate, and strengthen my connection with the earth.

The time has come to take the next step in our individual/collective evolution, and for me, retreating out to nature on a regular basis will be a big part of it. I intend to learn a lot about this world and the realms beyond, and connecting with the natural world in all its divine awesomeness seems like the best way to do it.

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