The Fire is Finally Burning

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“Fire is burning, man pull your own weight” – Bob Marley

I did some serious soul searching today about what I want to do in this world; what I want my role in humanity’s awakening to be. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and find that my interest is drawn in a thousand different directions, and this can make it hard to stay committed to a particular path.

Sometimes, I wake up and want to write articles all day long. Sometimes, I want to connect with the voice within and communicate its intuitive expressions, even though I don’t have much time to publish those messages these days. Sometimes, I want to write and play as much music as I can, and I don’t think much about writing articles or anything else.

Sometimes, I get up and want to go out to nature or do something else that has little to do with work or creativity. There are even times when I don’t want to do anything inherently spiritual or creative, because despite our spiritual teachers’ best advice, I let my mind wander into thoughts and desires that have nothing to do with love, awareness or creativity.

This is what happened this morning (Sunday the 8th), and my mind wandered in all different directions as I embraced all kinds of different desires, none of which had much to do with working or being creative. To make a long story short, this all led me to sit down for a while and contemplate what I want to do in life and how active I want to be with it all.

The answer I arrived at pretty quickly is that I want to uplift people. Plain and simple. I want to use writing and music to raise the collective vibration by filling everyone who finds their way to my work with as much joy, enthusiasm and upliftment as I can, and I know it’ll require a lot more work than I’ve put in so far.

I suppose that’s the only thing that’s held me back – it requires hard work. It requires personal sacrifice and the ability (and willingness) to put others above myself, and I guess that’s why I’ve had so much trouble with it; why I’ve let my mind wander from thing to thing, as if I was avoiding being creative.

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”
― Kalu Ndukwe Kalu

When I really think about it, I don’t want anything else in life but to be creative and have that creativity uplift others.

I want to be a spiritual and creative leader, but I definitely don’t want to be a spiritual teacher. I still have a lot of lessons and issues to work through and I’m not really qualified to be a teacher, but like everyone else, I’m very qualified to use creativity and spirituality to uplift people.

And that’s exactly what I want to do. There’s nothing else I’d rather have in this life than to be a creative and spiritual figure who people can look to for joy, inspiration and upliftment, and I know it’ll require a lot of personal sacrifice. The difference between today and most days, however, is that I don’t care how much sacrifice it’ll require.

In fact, I’m going in a whole new direction with it all. I’m willing to embrace the personal sacrifice if it means I can really play this role; if it means I can actually write and play music (and post to the blog) every single day and have that creativity reach and affect people for the better.

I’ll admit that my fire hasn’t been lit much at all for the past few months. I haven’t really felt inspired about anything beyond developing my writing and music, and even in those areas, the flame has somewhat doused lately.

I think it’s because I’ve let my mind wander from thing to thing for so long, but now that I’m realizing the role I can play in humanity’s evolution, I feel more excited than ever. I’m realizing that I can use my feelings and the lessons I learn each day to awaken, uplift and inspire all of you, and I honestly don’t want anything more.


I want to be a free-thinking, open-minded writer and musician for the people. I want to use these important creative and spiritual tools to make a difference in this world, and it might require me to go against the cherished ideals of some spiritual teachers who tell us to focus solely on personal growth, meditation, etc.

Even if I miss out on a meditation or two, I don’t just want to live my life for myself. Since I’m here in this world at this incredible time of transformation, which I believe my soul labored long and hard to reach, I don’t just want to focus on elevating my consciousness and returning to where I came from.

Now that I’m here, I want to use love, spirituality, awareness and creativity to uplift the minds and hearts of everyone who enjoys and appreciates this work, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I feel renewed; as if I have a fresh sense of purpose.

I’m excited to work hard and do anything that’s required to help you all feel a little better each day (while becoming more and more aware of love and spirit, of course), and I feel like nothing, except my own ego-driven unwillingness, can stop me from achieving big things.

Like I said above, I haven’t felt very excited about this work or the role I’m playing for a while now. I started to feel like it was all getting dull and repetitive, and I felt like I didn’t have enough time or energy to do all of the things I want to do.

When I actually think about it, though, I realize that I’ve had plenty of time and energy all along. There have been times that I didn’t put them to good use, however, because I simply didn’t want to. It was usually because I let my mind take me in other directions that had nothing to do with spirituality, and now that I realize this, I can strive to work harder and refuse to get distracted.

I honestly feel like something new is emerging. Maybe it’s the warm February weather we’re enjoying here in Illinois that’s filling me with the rejuvenation we usually have to wait until spring to enjoy, but I feel more motivated than ever and all I want to do is embrace the creative outlets I know I can use to bring love, joy and completion to the world.

This is my path, and it’s time I embrace it with a lot more passion and enthusiasm. Writing, blogging and sharing music with the world every single day is a tall order that’ll require a lot of hard work and self-sacrifice, but I didn’t choose this mission – it chose me.

Since I’ve been chosen to play this role, I have to throw myself into it and embrace it with all my heart and soul. Writing, music and sharing the work of others are all great ways to raise the collective vibration, and I want to break out of my shell and use these outlets to achieve more than someone who has a simple interest in it all.

I want to be a conscious system buster; the kind of person who works so hard that they get the entire world’s attention. Even if it seems egotistical or I seem like I’m out of alignment with the guidance we’ve been given to strive for spiritual evolution instead of doing ‘big’ things, this is my path and I’m ready to finally start walking it.

I don’t feel like I’ve been walking this path with much passion or ambition, but I’m ready to change that. I’m ready to be more passionate and ambitious with this work than ever before, and I want to help as many of you out there as I can in the process.

This is my path; my goal; my dream; my mission. This is what I want to do in life, and I don’t ever want to stop. My fire has never really burned until now, but it’s about to start burning stronger and stronger. Get ready for me world, because I’ve only just begun.

I really don’t care how egotistical what I’m saying sounds, because I’ve realized my dream and I’m ready to empower myself and increase my passion more than I ever did.

It’s time to start uplifting people, and it’s time to use our creativity and spirituality to do it. This’ll require a lot more dedication than most of us are used to, but if your fire starts burning like mine is, you won’t care one bit.

The self-sacrifice will be worth it when we see how great being consistently creative makes us feel, and the more we explore our creative and spiritual channels, the more they’ll open up for us and the easier (and more fun) they’ll be to continuously explore.

Not to mention that we’ll continue to awaken and uplift others with the inspired, passionate work we give to the rest of the world, and what we’ve done so far won’t compare to what we’ll do from here on out.

We have a lot to do, so let’s continue to be active – not with the hope that our work will uplift others, but with absolute knowledge that it will. We don’t just have to have faith in our work anymore, and we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s what we’re here to do.

With unbroken knowledge of the purpose of our existence and a relentless passion to do as much as we can in our time on earth, we’ll finally change this planet – but not in the way we expected to.

This world won’t change because a merry band of spiritually evolved forces finally descends and discloses their existence – it’ll change because we’ll have empowered ourselves and become the spiritually (and creatively) evolved ones.

Get ready, because things will get a lot more interesting from here.

“Hold fast to dreams,
“For if dreams die
“Life is a broken-winged bird,
“That cannot fly.” ― Langston Hughes

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