Love: The Religion of the Spiritually Conscious

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

It’s hard to understand love with the mind, but it’s easy with the heart. This is because no effort to understand it is necessary from the heart; you simply feel it and express it to everyone you cross paths with no matter how loving or enlightened they are.

True love is the willingness to be kind to people who wouldn’t do the same for you, and while I’m not suggesting we take abuse from unkind or disrespectful people, I am suggesting we show love and kindness to everyone regardless of who they appear to be. You never know; our love could really help someone just when they need it.

Hateful people cause themselves the most suffering by rejecting love, and while it seems to be their own fault, many of them been deprived of it all their life. As a result, they don’t even know they need it.

It’s difficult for most people to open up to love because they don’t understand its value or what it really is, and they assume it’s a human emotion that should only be associated with romance.

As we’re all slowly discovering, this isn’t the slightest bit true. Love is a force; an evolution-boosting energy that can be shared with anyone and, in my opinion, should be shared with everyone. Understanding it is the first step to utilizing it properly, and it makes life noticeably more beautiful and vibrant for those who open up to it.

Living from the heart doesn’t take away our challenges or lessen their difficulty, but it gives us the strength to tackle them head-on. Some challenges will seem easier when approached from the heart, because we’ll have changed and stepped up our game.

We’ll deal with adversity in a more evolved way, and it won’t seem as severe because we won’t let fear cloud our thoughts. We’ll understand the severity of the situation, but we won’t let it stop us from finding a solution with a clear mind and an open heart that isn’t easily frightened.

Whereas we used to get upset at the first sign of trouble, we’ll understand that anything is possible if we live with love and greet challenges with excitement.

We’ll live for the obstacles life puts on our path, and we’ll enjoy each challenge more than the last. We’ll start to challenge ourselves if we get bored waiting, which is what we could’ve (and perhaps should’ve) been doing all along.

Life will do it for us whether or not we actively participate, but we can make it more fun by challenging ourselves in new and inventive ways.


We’ll know we’ve evolved a little each time we triumph, and those little doses of evolution will add up. If we want to overcome the obstacles that impede our evolution, we just have to throw out our negativity and self-defeating thoughts so love can properly help us.

When our love is put to the test, we can take it as a sign that we’re growing and abandon the familiar and comfortable negativity with which we’d usually approach the situation. It can be compared to school; we learn new things and grow as we learn, and we’re sometimes tested to see what we’ve learned.

We can apply the same concept to life, which is basically one big school. It’s a big learning experience that we only realize is too short when we reach the end, and as we accumulate knowledge and experience, we’re tested every day to see if we’ll use what we’ve learned.

We don’t even know we’re being tested most of the time, and sometimes, we ace the test. Other times, we fall flat on our faces. In my experience, the best way to stop failing is to realize that we control our response to every situation and circumstance we have to deal with.

We’re in full control of our thoughts, emotions and actions regardless of the circumstances that seem to trigger negativity. When we understand this, we can choose to respond with love when we’re tempted to let the circumstances get the best of us.

Responding with anger, frustration or sadness is the easiest and sometimes most preferable option and to respond with love is much more difficult. Why do you think that is?

It’s because we’re slowly relearning to embrace love after lifetimes in the dark, and when we struggle, we’re being tested to see how well we’ll respond.

The purpose of life is to learn to merge with love again, because when we merge with love, we merge with God. I’m not the first person to write that God is love, and I won’t be the last.

As we live this life and try our best to deal with our circumstances, we’re relearning love.


We’re relearning compassion and all of the other shades of love that most people don’t care about, and as we respond more with love, we bring more of God into our life. We bring a higher consciousness down to earth, and we transmit nearly constant good vibes through the heart space.

This higher-vibrating energy comes through our chakras as well, but the heart space, which seems to differ from the heart chakra, is its largest portal. All we have to do to open this space is reconnect with the love, joy and innocence we knew as children and confront any personal demons that decide to surface.

Being positive and heart-centered is the most effective way to change the world and spiritually evolve in my opinion, but the light is only one side of the coin. We’re also here to heal the darkness, which requires us to confront and resolve it.

In doing so, we’ll realize that it wasn’t as scary as we thought. We only need to descend into the deep chambers of our subconscious with love as our guide, and the healing process will be smoother and easier than we expect.

It might still be rough or emotional in some ways, but despite our expectations, we’ll come out unscathed. In fact, we’ll be healed.

Above all, the only thing it takes to live from the heart is to be happy. That’s it!

We can imbue positive vibes into whatever we’re doing when we put ourselves in this uplifted space, and people will be drawn to our work because of the love and good vibes we put into it.

We basically share our soul with the world when we live from the heart, and the people around us won’t help but notice the positive change in how we live and conduct ourselves.

I look forward to the day when everyone sees that love is our greatest tool in healing the world and glimpsing enlightenment, and until it happens, dedicated love-warriors around the world will continue to raise awareness and share their light with everyone they meet. This is our mission, and the time has come to take it to the next level.


Inspiring a Revolution of Love, Compassion, and Wisdom

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