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I Stand for Love

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

People who create things for a living often have something to represent; whether it’s a belief system, a new way of thinking, or something else they believe can change the world.

I listen to a lot of reggae music, for example, much of which is made by Rastafarians with a message to share. Sometimes the message is about Rastafarian philosophy, and sometimes it’s about freedom or rebellion against corruption. These musicians have something to say and a great outlet to get their message out.

This is one of many examples of creative minds on a mission to share their truth.

For many, a life of creative work and a message to share go together. Without a message, their work is missing something. These creative minds inspire me the most, because my work also relies on having something meaningful to share with you.

Sudden Awakening

I used to have something to represent: a belief system known by many as the “New Age”.

I went to church as a kid but I was never religious. Interestingly, it was during a period of typical teenage rebellion that I discovered various concepts associated with the New Age movement.

Meditation and channeling were the concepts that stuck with me the most, to the extent that I became a “channeler” and started meditating every day. These two practices worked best when I did them together.

At this point, I transitioned from a kid who didn’t know or care much about spirituality to a kid who was suddenly interested in meditation, suddenly felt connected with nature, and was suddenly sent on a quest to answer life’s questions. This quest would ultimately take me within.

Not a Walk-In

Not shy about my new beliefs, I attributed this sudden shift to a “walk-in”. This is a New Age term to describe a spirit leaving the body to be replaced with the higher self or another advanced spirit.

Looking back, it’s clear this was erroneous and a little silly. I’m not saying the walk-in phenomenon isn’t real, but I am saying it didn’t happen to me. I was and still am nowhere near “advanced”, as I’m learning and evolving by the day.

Nevertheless, the speed with which I seemed to wake up convinced me something more mystical must have happened.

This might be true for others who’ve reported being a walk-in, but I experienced a simple spiritual awakening. I became aware of spirit and the potential for enlightenment, but I didn’t become enlightened.

The Problem with Enlightenment

Sometimes enlightenment is a problem in the spiritual community.

People use the word to describe various states of being; many of which don’t apply to actual enlightenment. Many have noted enlightenment is continuous, with more than one stage and thus more terms needed to properly describe each stage.

Some people who claim to be enlightened have yet to reach even the first stage.

This is because, as I did, a lot of people confuse spiritual awakening for enlightenment. As I mentioned, spiritual awakening makes you aware of all this awesome stuff. It does not carry you down your path and place you at your intended destination.

Missing the Mark

As the cliché goes, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Spiritual awakening is the beginning of your journey. The hardest work has yet to come and shape you into what you’ll be by the time you’re ready for the first stage of enlightenment.

Despite this, some will claim to be enlightened after a spiritual awakening and argue on the internet with the so-called less enlightened. This is an example of someone who has yet to do the difficult inner work that leads to the state they believe they’ve achieved.

This higher state is beyond most people’s grasp, but some like to think they’ve captured it after reading a few books. This mindset misses the mark entirely.

Stepping Back

After a lot of reflecting and meditating on what I was feeling, I decided to stop channeling and step back from the New Age movement as a way of life. I was channeling every day and had up to that point treated it like a full-on religion in the best and worst sense of the word.

On one hand, I worked harder and felt more inspired than ever. On the other, I let the spiritual ego get the best of me and started arguing with people who didn’t think like me.

Letting go of this nearly religious lifestyle left a void. Although I’d recently started writing, I had little to write about.

The Heart of Spirituality

This was when I discovered what lives at the heart of all religion and spirituality: love.

Everything good you hear about religion, like a pastor feeding the homeless or a church helping its community, is due to the love and compassion their faith inspires. Everything bad you hear about religion is due to the exact opposite: a lack of love and empathy.

Despite that there are good religious people in the world, religion is mainly about control. Most religions have lost the love their prophets taught, and thus, different religions with different gods fight. They have no love to give, so instead, they hate.

I Represent Love

Discovering that love is at the heart of each belief system, most of which have obviously been corrupted, helped me see that I don’t need a specific set of beliefs.

With love, compassion, and other divine qualities, I can walk my own unique path with respect for the paths of others. If their lifestyle is nonviolent, I have no problem respecting the way other people think and live.

I used to represent a belief system. Now, I represent love. I can say with certainty that it’s changed my life and provided what’s missing from belief systems. For me, love is the most worthwhile path into a higher consciousness.

From the heart, you’re free to live with no limits except those you create in your mind. Love gradually helps you break these barriers and connect with your true Self, but it’s up to you to do the work.

About the author: 

I’m a twenty-something writer & blogger with an interest in spirituality, revolution, music and the transformative creative force known as love. I run Openhearted Rebel, a daily news blog dedicated to igniting a revolution of love by raising social and spiritual awareness.

I also have a personal blog, Wes Annac’s Personal Blog, in which I share writings related to spiritual philosophy, creativity, heart consciousness and revolution (among other topics).

I write from the heart and try to share informative and enlightening reading material with the rest of the conscious community. When I’m not writing or exploring nature, I’m usually making music.

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“It Should Be Illegal to Be a Stay at Home Mom” – Mainstream Media

By Cassius Kamarampi, Thanks to Natural Blaze

(Era of WisdomA well known Australian journalist recently had the audacity to say it should be illegal to be a stay at home mother. The headline reads: “Sarrah Le Marquand: It should be illegal to be a stay-at-home mum.”

Her article starts off emphasizing the authority of “data or analysis,” saying:

“It’s the topic of stay-at-home mums. More specifically, the release of any data or analysis that dares recommend Australian women should get out of the living room/kitchen/nursery and back into the workforce. Continue reading “It Should Be Illegal to Be a Stay at Home Mom” – Mainstream Media

Cedella Marley: Don’t Give Up

e93f3c_4d73dd57690040e5a08ceb72e3082e5fmv22Positive Vibrations by Cedella Marley, A Nice Time

It’s very easy to get angry, frustrated and give up. But it is way easier to be positive and proactive in spite of a bad situation. Getting angry only makes the situation worse and sets a bad example for those around.

There is always a solution for improving a situation. Take a deep breath, focus on the positive then put in the effort and allow the positive vibrations to flow.

One love…Cedella

7 Steps To Divine Inspiration

By Tom,

Following these 7 simple steps we can communicate with the Divine and be guided by the universe in every aspect of our lives.

Meditation closes the door to the outer world and opens the door to the influx of inner states. This requires a posture of intense focus and alertness, to achieve a receptive silence requires work – an eternal striving.

Meditation is not the subjective passivity of a wandering mind. It is the engagement of the complete person: a relaxed body, calm emotions, an alert, focused mind, an open heart, and an aspiration for contact with the Divine. Continue reading 7 Steps To Divine Inspiration

Doctors Gave Boy 3 Days to Live, Then His Mom Secretly Gave Him Cannabis

By Carey Wedler, Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA) Both anecdotal evidence and clinical research are beginning to show the promise of cannabis in treating a variety of health issues. According to one family in the U.K., cannabis helped a dying teenage boy recover fully from complications from leukemia. The family recently appeared on the British talk show, This Morning, to discuss their experience.

Callie Blackwell’s son Deryn had been fighting leukemia followed by Langerhans cell sarcoma for four years — since the age of ten. Following doctors’ fourth and final attempt at a bone marrow transplant, they warned the family it was the last opportunity to save his life. Continue reading Doctors Gave Boy 3 Days to Live, Then His Mom Secretly Gave Him Cannabis

Vitamin C 1,000% More Effective than Big Pharma’s Drug’s for Cancer

By Christina Sarich, The Mind Unleashed

Linus Pauling’s legacy continues, much to the chagrin of the pharmaceutical industry. In a shocking new discovery published in the scientific journal, Oncotarget, researchers have detailed how a single, inexpensive nutrient, Vitamin C, can completely halt the growth of cancer in stem cells when used in concentrated amounts. The vitamin is so amazing, it was found to be 1,000 percent more effective than one clinical drug that is currently prescribed all too often to treat cancer, and another that is pending U.S. FDA approval.

The study, conducted at the University of Salford in Manchester looked at metabolism in cancerous cells. Researchers compared 3 natural substances, including Vitamin C, against 3 experimental pharmaceutical drugs, (meaning that they have not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration) and one drug that is already in widespread use. Continue reading Vitamin C 1,000% More Effective than Big Pharma’s Drug’s for Cancer

New Moon In Aries: Spring Into Action

By Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

We are having a New Moon in Aries on March 27th-28th, depending on where you are located in the world. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries always initiates a new season at the Equinox. Therefore, this New Moon is what really kickstarts the astrological New Year each year, and the initiating energy of Aries.

Venus has been retrograde since the beginning of the month and this will continue until April 15th, but it will still have an influence until early-mid May. This is a time in which we are reflecting on and revisiting issues around our pleasures, love life, friendships, money, values, creativity, and/or even considering or making changes to make certain areas of our life more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. You can read more about that here.

Mercury is also slowing down before going retrograde on April 9th/10th. Part of this will occur in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, which could bring up some of the same issues as Venus does for some people. Keep in mind that some of the new developments occurring in our lives between now and the beginning of the retrograde may still go through a sorting out process until early-late May, as Mercury’s retrograde will help us to see things in a different light.

I will be writing an article about this upcoming Mercury retrograde.You can make sure you receive this and others by signing up on my mailing list here if you are not already on it.

Aries: Bold, Initiating, Independent, Active

Aries is the pioneering energy of the zodiac. It is forward moving, fast, direct, and likes to take the lead. As the first sign of the zodiac, it is also associated with ‘birth’ following the dreamy and spiritual sign of Pisces. At this time of year we generally start to feel more alive and willing to ari-gly-222-plus-plustake action and/or possibly explore new territory.

One thing that we need to be cautious of regarding Aries energy is being impulsive without considering consequences or others, or missing important details because we haven’t thought things through. This is something to consider with Mercury retrograde coming up, as all of this combined is a recipe for overlooking things. However, Aries’ ruler, Mars, being in Taurus can help us to be more thorough about physical actions.

Considering that Aries is an active sign, and that its ruler Mars is in the physically-oriented Taurus (with Venus also retrograde), this can be a good time for many people to consider exercising more if they feel that they want to improve their appearance. Also, as Aries is more oriented toward self-interests, those who have been overly caught up in relationship considerations or codependencies may feel like this is a time to apply yourself more independently in certain areas of your life to bring in more balance. This is also supported by Venus and Mercury in the same sign currently in retrograde windows with Mercury opposing Jupiter in Libra.

Pluto Trine Mars and Square Jupiter In Libra

Aries’ ruler, Mars, is moving toward a trine to Pluto that can help us with what we are applying ourselves toward. This energy is strongest on April 5th-6th. As they are both in Earth signs during a retrograde period, this energy is great for anything that involves rebuilding or fixing something that is physical to make it stronger and more stable.

nm-ari-chart-2017-300x300This can also be good for improving our routines and structures, as well as applying ourselves to making positive changes in our careers or ways of doing business. Mercury trine Saturn (with Uranus close by) also reinforces some of this energy and helps us to be innovate and creative.

Jupiter in Libra is also in a tight square aspect with Pluto during this time, while Uranus in Aries is also somewhat involved, forming a wide t-square. This aspect combined with everything else going on may serve as a reminder that even though we may be considering more of our self-interests, we also need to consider how our personal actions will ultimately help us in our relationships, partnerships, and in doing what is fair and balanced. Alternatively, we may be taking the lead on things that are helping our relationships in some way and/or expanding our social connections.

Making Intentions for This New Moon

In what areas of your life do you need to be more bold and take action on? How can you apply yourself more independently while still considering others and factoring in your relationships and collaborations with others? What can you build or apply yourself toward that can add more value to your life, help you in your goals and structures, manage your life better, and possibly help you to make more income/resources?

These are just some examples of what your intentions can be directed toward. However, anything else that comes up related to what was mentioned in this article or otherwise can be also be applied. Aries is like a springboard that can help propel us into new territory. Our intentions and actions made during this time have the potential to be a significant seed for what can develop in our lives throughout the year.

The best time to make your New Moon intentions is as close to the New Moon as possible, but they can still work within the first 24 hours following. The first half hour after the New Moon is prime time, and can even be initiated during the half hour prior to it if your intention setting is completed at or following the exact time. The New Moon will be at 2:57am Universal Time on March 28th (night of the 27th in the Americas). You can click here to find out what that is exactly in your time zone.

Have you ever had an astrology reading based on your specific birth time? Get a detailed personalized reading with astrologer Carmen Di Luccio based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for more information.

Relaxation as a Context for Life

sacred-6372By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but the importance of relaxation just keeps being brought home to me.

I have a feeling that the need to learn how to relax may be more general than just me. But I don’t know.

The way life works, as I learned from my vision on Feb. 13, 1987, (1) is it follows an arc, yes – from God to God – but the arc itself, on closer inspection, is seen to be a coil or a spiral, like the nautilus, left. Continue reading Relaxation as a Context for Life

No Masters, No Rulers – A World Without Statist Conditioning

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Waking Times

“The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.” ~Antisthenes

Raised, as most of us are, within nation states, it is extremely difficult to think outside the statist box. It’s tantamount to cognitive dissonance; Might as well ask a fish to breathe outside water, it’s so counterintuitive. But, and here’s the rub, we are not fish, and if we want to continue to be a progressively evolving species on this planet, we are going to have to think outside the box. Continue reading No Masters, No Rulers – A World Without Statist Conditioning

Illness: Call to Transformation and Awakening

By Neenah Payne, Natural Blaze

Robert Frost (1874-1963), the best known and most beloved American poet of the 20th century, won the Pulitzer Prize four times and was Poet Laureate of the US from 1958-1959. Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken is most famous for the lines: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

President Kennedy coined the term “The New Frontier” in the 1960s to describe the technological challenge of being first on the moon. In the 21st century, the New Frontier is consciousness.  It is the cutting-edge of physics and is redefining individual experience where it is the challenge of waking up and choosing better options that often restore health and save lives. Continue reading Illness: Call to Transformation and Awakening