Death: A Simple and Unexpected Transition – Part 1/4

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

When the physical body dies, the consciousness of the person who inhabited it remains intact. As difficult as it might be to believe, what we’ve seen as death is little more than a continuance of life in a different form, and apparently, a lot of people who pass on have no initial sense of what happened.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of people who sought connection with departed souls, there’s a wealth of information out there about the life that exists beyond death. One of the things we’ve been told is that a lot of people who pass on don’t understand what’s taken place and require assistance to realize it, which is willingly and happily given.

A lot of people are apparently astounded to learn that their physical body has died, because their perception of death had always been distorted. The shock that comes with this knowledge can apparently cause confusion and bewilderment, as we’ll learn, but those of us who understand life after death can know what to expect when the time comes.

I try to write articles about this subject with respect for the idea that we’re exiting the life/death cycle, because to me, an aspect of raising consciousness is talking about the things that exist beyond this physical reality. I also hope to be able to quell any readers’ fear of death with information about the eternal nature of consciousness.

Instead of pain or endless darkness, death heralds a greater sense of health and invigoration. Death releases the spirit and helps one feel healthier and more alive than they ever did in life, and because of this, some departed souls don’t initially comprehend that they’ve died.

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson tells us about the “surprising number of people” who don’t understand when their transition takes place.

“There is a surprising number of people who do not realize that they have passed from the earth in the death of the physical body.

Resolutely they will not believe that they are what the earth calls ‘dead.’ They are dimly aware that some sort of change has taken place, but what that change is they are not prepared to say. Some, after a little explanation and even demonstration, can grasp what has actually happened; others are stubborn and will be convinced only after prolonged reasoning.” (1)

He continues, “In the latter case, we are oft-times obliged to leave such a soul for a while to allow a little quiet contemplation to work its way. We know we shall be sought out the instant that soul feels the power of our reasoning. In many respects it is tiring work, though I use the word ‘tiring’ in its strictly limited sense of the spirit world.” (1)

When a person just can’t grasp the fact that they’ve passed on, their family members and guides will patiently wait for them to reach the conclusion themselves. For them to reach such a conclusion is inevitable, I’d imagine, because they couldn’t hide from a truth like that forever.

It could be hard to cope with the death of the physical body, especially if one was attached to their identity and material possessions. Even though our departed family is ready to help us understand our transition when we pass on, they let us take as much time as we need to understand the transition itself.

Julia Ames tells us that because of the consciousness they possess after death, a lot of people refuse to believe they’ve passed on.

“Many refuse to believe they are dead. It is, of course, true that they are not dead. They have all their faculties: they see, they hear, they move hither and thither. Everything seems the same to them as before. Their first realization of the change that has taken place is a kind of shock to them. ‘So this is death. Then if so, there is no such thing as death!’ For it is so entirely different from what we had imagined.” (2)

Can you imagine how hard it’d be to come to terms with passing away if you’d believed for decades that you were going to die with the body? Death’s a benevolent and uplifting process, and the havoc associated with it comes more from our fear and misunderstanding of it.

Ethel McLean tells us about humanity’s non-belief in the existence of the spirit planes.

“Absurd as it may seem to us, there are still far too many people on earth who refuse to believe in our existence. They are in for a shock when the inevitable day arrives when they will join us here.” (3)

It’ll be a shock indeed for anyone who doesn’t understand the continuance of consciousness after the death of the body, but eventually, everyone will come to terms with this delightful truth. I think we’re fortunate to be able to live on far after the body becomes irrelevant, and of course, we can always reincarnate if we want.

Even though most of us are ready to move on from the incarnation cycle, the option to reincarnate has always existed in the spirit realms.

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.


(1)- Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, Life in the World Unseen. M.A.P., 1993.

(2)- Julia [Julia T. Ames] through W.T. Stead, medium, After Death. A Personal Narrative. New York: George H. Doran, n.d.; c. 1914.

Ames’ family name does not appear in the book, but can be found at “William Thomas Stead,” Red Pill,

(3)- Lesley May, med., Letters from Mother. A Family Biography in Two Worlds. Ed. Edmund Bentley. London: Psychic Press, 1964.

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6 thoughts on “Death: A Simple and Unexpected Transition – Part 1/4”

  1. Hi Wes,
    I’ve been hunkered down with my computer for the past few weeks, and I haven’t read any of the blogs lately.

    I’m writing a 6 part series on the very same thing you’ve written about here. I was on my blog site now, and I thought I’d pop over and see what you’ve written about lately, and I was surprised to see we seem to be on the same thought wave.

    I’m writing about death, transition, and the Earthbound Souls who are caught within this earth plane, the world of duality, and suffering. It is a simple and often unexpected transistion but I think if the person who is transitioning has certain unresolved issues, false beliefs,or if they have strong emotional ties to their family or loved ones, this will also prevent them from completing their transition, Thus it will prevent their soul body (because their phsyical body no longer exists) from returning to the higher dimensions within the spiritual realms. These unresolved issues or ties to their lives are what keep them here. I’ve become very sensitive to feeling when they are around. It’s been quite a learning process, and quite frankly its darn an interesting concept!

    I think more and more of us are tuning into these energies, and maybe this is why we write about it, and talk about it. It helps with understanding what’s happening, and with the changes that are ocurring in all of us.
    On Saturday the articles about this subject will post if you want to take a look at them. One point I try to make here, and maybe I’m wrong, but if the living (us) are to ascend, with Gaia, what about the Earthbound spirits as well?
    They are here with us, in what’s also known as the Middle world, where we reside as well, also called the the world of Duality and Suffering. Do you think if there was a way to help these souls free themselves of what ties them to our earth plane if they could release their issues, fears, doubts, or false beliefs, dont you think they have every right to continue their transition, and go into the light, and return to the higher dimensions in the spiritual realms, as much as we do? If they want to that is. After all, they are people, just like you and I, expcept they are people who no longer reside in their physical body. Does that make any sense?

    Well, Ijust thought i’d throw that at you and see what you think. Im going to read the rest of your articles, they look very interesting!
    If you decide to email back, remember, you can always speak the truth with me. You won’t hurt my feelings, and the main thing here is that we learn from each other, as a Lightworker community, and we grow.
    Take care Wes, I hope you and your family are well!
    Caroline Aguiar Starlight Journeys


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