The Spirit World Chronicles: The Coordinated Nature of Death – Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Imagine crossing over to the fourth dimension and discovering that your passing was actually planned. Imagine finding out that your passing and that of everyone who crosses over is actually planned beforehand by your higher selves and guides, and imagine the shock that could come with realizing that nothing, even death, happens by mistake.

Everything happens for a necessary and important reason, and death isn’t excluded from this. Death never happens by mistake, and in fact, every single transition that occurs is lengthily planned beforehand by a coalition of higher-dimensional souls who know what they’re doing.

Different coalitions guide different people through their lives, and when the time comes, these coalitions help the initiates through a perfectly coordinated transition. The material we’ll examine here doesn’t directly refer to any group or coalition, but it alludes to the presence of higher-dimensional souls who help the departed through their passing.

We know from the things we’ve learned so far that this group is very real, and it’s not only comprised of our higher selves and guides, but our departed friends and family. Our previous two Spirit World Chronicles installments were focused solely on this subject, but now, we’re going to move on and discuss the planned and coordinated nature of death.

Like everything else we’ve discussed, our fourth-dimensional sources have told us a lot about this interesting subject.

There’s a lot regarding death and the realms beyond that we haven’t yet discussed, and the wealth of future reports I plan to give on this subject will address as much of it as possible. My hope is that they help everyone out there who still isn’t aware of death’s true nature, because our lack of knowledge about it has made it a daunting and scary subject for too long.

First, Mike Swain tells us that death can’t take place without the soul-level consent of the person who experiences it.

“No soul can ever pass over into these worlds unless it has given its consent; and here I don’t mean a conscious consent, because the conscious mind is only a minor extension of the soul. The conscious mind may assume that death is approaching, but it is the soul itself that must give its consent before the process can take place.” (1)

The conscious mind can perceive its impending transition, and a person can even mentally give themselves ‘permission’ to pass on, but unless the transition’s fully planned and approved on a soul-level, it won’t happen. Unless an initiate has been ‘cleared’ to pass on by a deeper aspect of themselves, the transition won’t happen because the soul won’t be ready for it.

We have to be ready to experience something as immense and life-changing as death, and if we’re even the least bit unprepared, our journey into the realms beyond could be very difficult. This is one of the reasons we have to have our own soul-level permission to pass on, and the transition wouldn’t be the same without it.

From what Mike says here, it seems that the transition won’t happen at all without permission from the soul-self (the deeper aspects of oneself) and even if we gave ourselves mental ‘permission’ or recognition, it wouldn’t happen until we were spiritually ready and willing to experience it.

Phillip Gilbert professes that “My death [was] part of a plan.” (2)

He also tells us that “My destiny had to be worked out. It was all fixed.” (3)

For whatever reason, Phillip had karmic issues to go through, which I’m guessing played a part in his early death. Some people pass on early because at a soul level, they think they’ll be more valuable to their friends and loved ones from the other side, and generally, there’s an important reason for someone’s death.

Some people need to work out their karma, while others are simply unhappy with earthly life and want to do anything they can to move on and find something more enjoyable – something they can flow more easily with.

The people who choose to leave because they’re miserable probably end up helping their friends and family from the other side, and no matter why they choose to pass on, a lot of people become very helpful once they’re back in the fourth dimension.

Even though I haven’t been there, I can say that the fourth dimension’s probably much freer and more enjoyable to exist in than the earth, and as such, a lot of people who couldn’t tolerate the earth are more than able to spiritually thrive there. I’m sure a lot of them use their newfound spirituality to help their loved ones rediscover spirit too.

Sigwart confirms the notion that people who have a hard time on earth are more easily able to thrive in spirit, telling us that “I have brought about my own death because here I have greater works to do.” (4)

Sigwart also tells us that “I had not been destined for an old age.” (5)

For those of you who don’t remember, Sigwart is an artist who died in World War One, and from what he says here, it seems that he wasn’t destined to continue his earthly life. He was destined for something much, much greater, and clearly, his mission entailed communicating with humanity and getting the truth of our existence out to the people of earth.

You couldn’t ask for a better role! I’d certainly rather be in spirit, helping humanity awaken comfortably, than be on a gruesome, PTSD inducing battlefield.

Sigwart was probably relieved to pass into the fourth dimension and discover that consciousness is eternal and that he gets to live a far greater and more enjoyable life than he did on earth, and I’m sure a lot of troubled earthly souls who pass on are able to enjoy and appreciate the much more liberated conditions of the realms beyond.

Sigwart then tells us about the greater mission he’s in the fourth dimension to fulfill, alluding to the creation of heavenly symphonies that are intended to reach the minds and hearts of humanity.

“I departed from you because I had greater tasks to fulfill. Everything was prepared for me. Therefore do not grieve for me because I have been chosen for a holy work. I have been called upon to create a part of it. This has to do with music. Seven heavenly symphonies are being composed! One of them I have composed.

“It is the purpose of these works to guide the impulses on earth into purer channels. The music will accomplish that. It will act upon humanity indirectly. This is our strongest medium for influencing mankind.” (6)

Did anyone else notice that Sigwart claimed music is the best way spirits can reach humanity? That sounds absolutely correct to me. Have you heard some of the beautiful and conscious music being composed lately?

Clearly, Sigwart and his heavenly symphonies have reached a lot of conscious musicians who happily integrated the impressions they were given into their music. On the inside of the cover of one of his recent albums, ‘Wild and Free’, reggae artist Ziggy Marley issues a thank you to all of the ‘late night spirits’ for the inspiration they gave him.

He and plenty of other conscious musicians are clearly picking up on a deeper, spiritual influence when they write and play their music, and it’s interesting to think that Sigwart and various other fourth-dimensional souls play such a strong role in getting this music out to humanity. We can certainly use the good vibration it provides!


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Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.


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