The Neutralization of Chemtrails is Our Responsibility

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

A couple years ago, I posted two videos entitled ‘The Neutralization of Chemtrails is Real’. I attributed this neutralization to what I’ll call certain higher forces, and I wholeheartedly believed chemtrails were being neutralized because of two factors:

1: For a while, I hardly saw them appear in my area. They were few and far between, and it seemed for a moment that the powers had somehow lost their ability to spray them around here.

I started noticing them less and less, and this was around the time I became aware of the idea that higher spiritual forces are overseeing our planet’s affairs and helping us with the more destructive things the cabal’s doing.

2: When I did see them, I’d notice a layer of cloudlike energy around them that seemed to thin them and make them dissipate. I still see this cloudlike energy every now and then, and I still notice that it seems to diminish chemtrails when it’s around.

I’m not the only one who’s posted videos about the neutralization of chemtrails, and a part of me still does believe this neutralization could be occurring.

I couldn’t tell you exactly which higher force could be helping us neutralize them (some think that air elementals known as ‘sylphs’ are responsible for them), but I notice that some type of effort seems to be ongoing to help us out with them.

However, lately, I notice that chemtrails seem to have returned to this area. I notice them at least three times a week, and I notice that they’re especially strong at night.

Any potential neutralization aside, this leads me to want to encourage us all to continue to be active in exposing the truth about them and, hopefully, bringing them to an end in a time when the will of the people has trumped the will of the ‘elite’.

I started to feel like I was going against the grain of the alternative awareness I and so many others strive to bring to humanity, and the last thing I want to do is align myself against the truth-seekers who’ve diligently exposed chemtrails by boldly claiming we have nothing to worry about because they’re being neutralized.

I’m open to the idea that some type of neutralization could be taking place – perhaps on the part of the aforementioned elementals, who are believed to oversee our environmental affairs – but for the most part, I think we need to continue to actively raise awareness of the fact that they’re being sprayed.

So much is being done to keep us too poisoned or pacified to speak out against the ‘elitist’ forces who strive to keep us all in the dark, and the worst thing we can do is comply with their control by looking the other way in the name of the idea that we’re being ‘saved’ by the higher spiritual forces.

I do believe these higher forces exist, but I think their assistance is geared toward helping us empower ourselves; helping us rediscover our innate spiritual essence and use it to find enlightenment and help the rest of the planet do the same.

If circumstances permit, I’m sure certain higher forces will help us neutralize chemtrails and the general pollution/environmental destruction this planet faces on a daily basis, but I don’t think we should look to any higher forces to solve our environmental problems for us or singlehandedly stop the cabal’s antics.

I think it’s up to us to recognize that what the cabal’s doing is very real and work from there to stop their crimes against humanity, and one of the best ways to do this is to refuse to fall into complacency – especially under the guise that the forces helping us evolve will take care of it all for us.

This is our planet and our responsibility, and the sooner we arise and do exactly what we’ve come here to do – use our growing spiritual perspective to help create change – the sooner we can bring an end to chemtrails, general weather warfare, and everything else the cabal’s doing to keep us in states of poor health.

I think we need to return to the natural way of life that was once common here on earth – a way of life that doesn’t promote the use of advanced technology for weather warfare, nor complacency over the fact that this technology’s being used against humanity.

Even though I do believe we’re being given assistance with various aspects of our ongoing spiritual evolution, I have no more desire to claim we’re being ‘saved’ by a higher spiritual force who’s doing a lot but who looks to us to heal this planet ourselves.

We have a lot of work to do to change the purposefully broken manner in which this planet’s run, but we can only successfully do this work if we recognize that the things the cabal’s doing are very real and are in need of discussion and eventual healing.

I think we need to come together and talk about the things that are being done to keep us physically and spiritually pacified, and I propose that everyone who’s aware of chemtrails begin filming and talking about them. A lot of people have already done this, but could you imagine how big the issue would become if we all got active?

Can you imagine how much awareness we could raise if every single person who’s aware of chemtrails started filming them and giving their perspective on them? We don’t necessarily want to manifest an energy of rebellion by ceaselessly fighting against injustice as we perceive it, but we don’t want to allow these things to keep happening by falling into complacency either.

We want to raise awareness, but we want to do it from a place of acceptance and understanding that rebelling against the old paradigm as we perceive it will keep us trapped in a state of spiritual servitude. I think there’s a healthy middle ground we can embrace; a mindset that encourages raising awareness but discourages falling into an ‘us vs. them’ mindset.

Awareness is very important, and we can raise it from a perspective that understands the necessity of this ‘light vs. dark’ battle that seems to be playing out here on earth. Everything we’re experiencing is necessary for one reason or another, and it’s all related to the plan for our collective spiritual evolution.

In my opinion, an aspect of this evolution is to use our voices; speak out against the obvious injustices that occur every day, and in regards to chemtrails, the best way to do this is to grab the ol’ video camera and start filming this injustice, which is there for everyone to see, plain as day.

The more people who wholeheartedly contribute to the rising awareness, the more progress we’ll make in exposing what the cabal’s done and eventually putting a stop to it. I don’t think we can complacently wait for any higher spiritual force to make these changes for us, even though our higher selves, guides, etc. are believed to be doing a lot for our little planet, and the responsibility to make a change is ours entirely.

The neutralization of chemtrails is our responsibility, not the responsibility of any spiritual force, and the sooner we recognize this, the sooner we can use our awareness for positive and progressive purposes. Let’s be the spiritual system busters we’ve come here to be, and let’s do it with absolute assurance of the fact that changing this world is our job.

I’ll probably start filming chemtrails when I notice them, and hopefully, the rest of you will do the same.

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6 thoughts on “The Neutralization of Chemtrails is Our Responsibility”

    1. Awareness + Action. Yes I believe we can have neetralization happen as a collective. I-magine it done!
      Also check this information on whats going on regarding this.

      Much Love, Well Being and Peace to all ~


  1. I never believed in that video that you showed an orb “eatin” chemtrails.

    Poor form.

    If it was true, they would be acting on it all the time. Everytime.

    All that I know is that I can make clouds disapear with my thoughts. I never tried on a chemtrail as in my area there are very very few… But I do see them.

    Americans have to do much more than to care for chemtrails.

    BOMBING other countries to STEAL their resources is one of them.

    As for extraterrestrials, either I saw them, or it was holographic technology.

    If it WAS them, all they need to show up is PRAYER by MANY people.

    The 5D Raver


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