The Friendship Case: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact? – Part 1

By Wes Annac, Editor, Culture of Awareness

Previously, we read some bizarre and perplexing accounts of extraterrestrial contact.

While society ignores this phenomenon and labels anyone who’s interested in it a nutcase, credible reports are surfacing every day and making it clear we can no longer have our heads in the sand.

We’ve been conditioned to reject anything outside the intellectual confines established by elitist institutions for the purpose of dumbing down the masses and assuring we never question the social order.

Because of this, anyone who tries to seriously address this subject is met with criticism and ridicule.

People around the world have reported various types of extraterrestrial contact, and the day we seriously consider what these contactees are saying will be the day we realize they’re not all making it up.

Something is happening, even if it isn’t contact, and the seemingly genuine reports available make you wonder if we’re truly alone or if contact has been a regular part of our history.

Enlightened Cosmic Humans

Similar to stories I’ve shared before, the one below details contact from enlightened human extraterrestrials who share wisdom and request help from the contactees in exchange for communication and sightings.

The story comes from David Wilcock, who summarized it from the groundbreaking documentary The Friendship Case.

Image result for david wilcock
David Wilcock. Credit:

All of the information in this report comes from David’s summary, and if you enjoy what you read here, check out the story in detail in the report he posted to his website, Divine Cosmos (1).

David advocates the existence of enlightened humans from other worlds who want to help humanity usher in a ‘Golden Age’ – the next stage in our individual and collective evolution.

According to his writings, these positive ET groups have contacted people around the world (though not as much in the past 40 years) in an effort to make the masses aware of their presence in a way that doesn’t violate our freewill.

Too Much Pressure

In the Law of One, a series of channeled books from an entity known as ‘Ra’ who reportedly spoke through channel Carla Rueckert, we learn that contactees throughout history were unable to handle the pressure that came with such an unfathomable responsibility (1).

Well-intentioned plans went awry when distortions in the contactees’ ability to handle the contact became evident (1). Can you imagine how easy it’d be to think yourself a god if you were contacted by actual humans from other worlds?

Due to this, these intensely real sightings and contacts slowed to a near halt by 1981(1). Sightings are still frequent today and contact could still be taking place, but these instances generally happen in smaller numbers.

Image result for ET contact

According to David, the amount of data left behind from these contacts – including the one we’ll learn about below – is ‘astonishing’ (1).

Photographs have been recovered, as well as videos of UFOs mid-flight, recordings of human ETs speaking, written documents, and scientific breakthroughs that include functioning technological devices (1).

A great deal of this data was initially lost but has since been recovered and made public (1). Some of the data is made public for the first time in David’s report, and he believes the widespread 1950s-80s contact was a precursor to the Ra material (1).

Bruno Samaciccia: 1950s Italian Contactee

The Friendship Case details extensive extraterrestrial contact that started in 1956.

Knowledge of this contact resurfaced when engineer Stefano Breccia published a book, Mass Contacts, which reveals personal accounts and evidence of repeated encounters with human ETs who had secret underground bases on our planet (1).

The contacts took place in Pescara, and writer Bruno Samaciccia was considered the main contactee (1).

Two other people involved, Gaspare De Lama and his wife Mirella, are alive today (1). Breccia’s respected status in academia and science inspired Gaspare to come forward with his story (1).

Bruno referred to the off-world humans with whom he made contact as the W56 (1). The ‘W’ stood for ‘double victory’ and was also a reference to George Washington (1).

The W56 were a group of humans who came from various parts of the cosmos (1). Beyond being scientifically and spiritually advanced and taller than people on our planet (they ranged from one to six meters in height), they were a lot like us (1).

Image result for cosmic humans

The First Encounter

April 1956 was the date of Bruno’s first encounter with the W56 (1). He was investigating Rocca Pia castle with two friends after finding a ‘mysterious’ map that led there and wondering if the site contained any secrets (1).

While they were there, two men appeared and began speaking to them (1). One of the men was three feet tall, but the other was taller than Bruno and his friends (1). The tall one, who they learned was the group’s captain, was given the name Dimpietro (1).

Other names given to W56 members they met later were: Sigir, Sigis, Itaho; Kenio; Sinas; Saj; Meredir; and Romulus (1). The W56 didn’t use these names; they were given by Bruno’s group to make identification easier (1).

(Continued in part 2 tomorrow)


(1) David Wilcock, “1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age — Videos, Documents!” Divine Cosmos, July 22, 2011 –

(Other sources embedded in article)


7 thoughts on “The Friendship Case: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact? – Part 1”

  1. Thank you for sharing David Wilcock with your readers!
    My spiritual growth has exploded since I found you, you introduced me to DW, and he led me to the Law of One.
    Epiphanies and happiness have become a daily occurrence instead of a rare event.
    Hugs to you Wes


  2. Folks who are interested in this topic really should read Charles Hall’s four-volume “Millennial Hospitality” book series. Hall was a U.S. Army weather observer, and subsequently a range officer, stationed for several years in the Nevada desert, next to the mysterious “Area 51”. Within just a few days of his initial posting, he was approached by some very tall, but also very human-appearing individuals…and their children! They informed him that they had been using this secluded area as a stopover point in their regular travel among various star systems, and that they had been doing so for many hundreds of years. It was only when the U.S. government began testing atomic bombs right next to their terrestrial base that they were forced to make their presence known. They communicated with Hall through some sort of electronic “translation device” which enabled them to speak to him in English. And they told him that they had reached an agreement with the U.S. Military to share some (but not all) of their highly advanced technology with us. These collaborations led directly to the advanced electronic and space technologies which began to proliferate in the mid-1950s. Hall is a fine writer, and his revelations are nothing short of stunning. But are they true? This is something which the individual reader will need to discern personally. Dr. Michael Salla in Australia has published several extensive interviews with Hall, which you can find quite easily online. Dig into them — and decide for yourself.


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